Bonnuit | Self-Titled EP

I have spent more than enough nights gazing at my shoes wondering how my feet have taken me so far, yet not far enough to shed all these cheeseburgers.  I have spent, however, NOT enough nights gazing at my shoes listening to this melodically droney, dark, and fantastic sounding EP (Off White House Records) from Victoria BC’s Bonnuit. The band consists of members Drue, Viny, and Nevada. This short little 5-song tape is a top contender for “favorite thing” to come across my ears in a hot minute. The influences are steeped with everything from The Cure to My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division, Unwound, and the Deftones. When I first received this tape, my partner and I listened to it front to back, over and over and over again. That sounds way weirder than it actually is. It’s not often I listen to anything more than once unless it’s someone trying to tell me to do something that I don’t want to do. Even then, I usually stop listening the moment I see their mouth move. As far as the orchestration goes, the bass lines that Viny approaches from the get-go really stick out, and at points reminisce of that deep bass line you’re likely to catch in a Cigarettes After Sex song.  Drue’s voice fits quite perfectly into the careful architecture each song transmits over the steady drone of his guitar and Nevada’s well-timed drumming. These three musicians emit sounds that will have your granny clawing at her ears yet leave you begging for more.  The music has more than achieved a spot on my shelf and I look forward to seeing this band live in the very near future, as well as hopefully have some future full-length releases.  The EP is available on tape and digitally from Bonnuit’s Bandcamp as well as local record shops. I’ll be crossing my fingers for some vinyl releases in the future if that market ever turns back to normal.

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