Album Review: Zaire 74, The African Artists

Zaire 74
The African Artists (Compilation)

1974 was a golden year not only for sports but music. It was the summer of the “Rumble in The Jungle,” the classic boxing match between Mohammed Ali and George Foreman and The Republic of Zaire was the hosting country. The event also curated a three-day music festival that brought in some of the biggest names in music at the time. Acts from the U.S. like The Spinners, James Brown, B.B King to name a few and acts from the Fania label line-up like Celia Cruz, Hector Lavoe and company were part of the affair. Little is known though about the African performances that were part of this event also. Now for the first time, Wrasse Records has released and remastered the full recordings of all the legendary African artists that partook of The Rumble…, Tabu Ley Rochereau, Abeti, Franco & T.P. O.K Jazz, Miriam Makeba and other African musician’s make-up this remarkable unheard treasure. Makeba being the most recognized artist in this compilation it is a treat to hear and appreciate the music from this historic concert released for the first time.  A must for the connoisseurs! (Wrasse Records) by John Arambulo