Album Review: Worriers, Survival Pop

Survival Pop
Worrier’s Lauren Denitzio hasn’t had the easiest go of things; they’ve already endured years of health problems that led to open heart surgery at age 25 and this amidst challenges of growing up as a queer individual and losing friends to suicide and substance abuse. That said, the latest LP from their band emerges as a surprisingly hopeful and celebratory record that is extremely aptly titled. It is clear that the poppy earworms the band has crafted are steps on a journey to self-understanding and –empowerment.
Although there are some tense and sarcastic moments, namely “Not Your Type” and “Gaslighter,” Denitzio manages to avoid self-pity and it’s clear these songs were written as a bold act of self-love and self-preservation. It’s easy to hear where the band fits into the current musical landscape, especially when reviewing a list of bands the band has toured with, including Against Me!, John K. Samson and Julien Baker.
Survival Pop is a rallying cry; Denitzio’s confessional proclamation that we can learn from the sum or our struggles, however seemingly insurmountable. Simply, the record is a bold statement by a wise songwriter, who also happens to have a kick-ass punk band. (SideOneDummy)