Album Review: Tigon, Infinite Teeth, New Atlantis

Infinite Teeth

Hm. Must be something in the water in San Francisco. There never seems to be a shortage of weird shit coming from there. At first, Tigon’s take on weird shit seems to hover in a pretty standard Am Rep/Neurosis mash up, which I’m fine with, if not overly excited about. After a few spins, the guitars start to sink in a bit more and the album starts to open up. Dissonantly melodic, it started to put me in mind of what Tortoise might do if they were into smothering, sludgy anger instead of dub. There are dashes of post-rock, hardcore and metal throughout that allow the quieter angularity of the guitars to pop out, which is a nice break from the typical all-out bludgeon approach usually found in this style. While it’s not what I’d call mind blowing, Tigon shows enough promise that I’ll definitely keep an eye on their progression. (New Atlantis) Andrew Lampela