Album Review: Ten Foot Pole, Setlist

Ten Foot Pole
Fans waiting patiently for doors to open at recent Jimmy Eat World shows may have been presented a unique opportunity for nostalgia or to make acquaintance with a punk and hardcore staple.
JEW front-of-house sound engineer and Ten Foot Pole vocalist/guitarist Dennis Jagard walked the winding line presenting songs from the band’s vast canon that began with releases for Go-Kart, Victory, Epitaph, etc. reaching as far back as the early ‘80s. The captive audience also provided an opportunity for Jagard to illuminate the release of Setlist, a record that offers eleven of the band’s previously released songs, including an acoustic version of “Old Man” and two, brand new unreleased tracks, “Scars” and “I Don’t Wanna Go.”
Naturally, over the decades Ten Foot Pole is a band that has experienced some lineup and label changes and a handful of hiatuses. However, what remains is a fresh and youthful sound by a band that has always mingled humor with political consciousness.
Whether Setlist is a first or reintroduction to the California-based band, Setlist is sure to be a valued treasure for any self-respecting punk with circle pit wishes and DIY dreams. (Cyber Tracks)