Album Review: Jwalt, ‘Yours Truly’

Oakland-based rapper Jwalt has already received a mounting heap of praise and accolades in his young career. Some highlights include having earned the endorsement of being involved in the 2017 Sway’s Universe Doomsday Cypher alongside Nyck Caution of Pro Era and seeing his single off Yours Truly “THE KID” being selected by ESPN for NBA Countdown to be on rotation.  

Through Yours Truly, Jwalt taps into his influences by the likes of Nas, Big L, Mac Dre, and E-40 with seeming effortless measures. Regarding his lyrical approach in the album, Jwalt perfectly illustrates what you should expect in “Intro.” Topics that range from mental health, family, relationships, to coming of age elegantly flow with each verse. The drum cadence loops on “Where You Been” hit hard with conviction and demand your focus to Jwalt. What seemed to be the standout of Yours Truly is tracks like “Interlude- School Freestyle (Tribute to Nip).” Jwalt’s spoken word work is laser-sharp and spills an attitude that within time could be something that will be some of the strongest attributes he builds. 

The saying “The sky is the limit” is far too often uttered from many when talented people do something special. In the case of Jwalt and what the future holds for him, work like Yours Truly is a solid base to stand on as he continues towards reaching his end game. 

Check out the short documentary on Jwalt’s opportunity to open up for Hip- Hop Legends Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, and Too $hort at the Oakland Arena (formally known as the Oracle) earlier this year HERE.