Album Review: Deerhoof, Mountain Moves

Mountain Moves

2017 will be full of albums labeled the “soundtrack for the times we live in.” There’s no way around it. 2016 signified a huge change in the US and people aren’t sure how to handle things. And as cliche as the whole “turmoil is good for art” mindset it, Deerhoof’s newest album Mountain Moves really does capture the uncertainty and emotional turmoil that many people are feeling. There’s no “solution” offered necessarily, it’s just an acknowledgment of where we’re all at right now. This is a collaborative effort on two fronts, in a way. First, guests on the album include Jenn Wasner from Wye Oak (who just happens to be on my favorite track on the album “I Will Spite Survive”), Awkwafina and Xenia Rubinos. Plus, they throw in a couple of covers (Bob Marley and The Staple Singers) and really do make the songs theirs.  (Joyful Noise Recordings) by Andrew Fetter