Album Review: BLONDIE, Heart of Glass EP

When looking back at the discography of the 70’s, there is one track that resonates over and over even to this day.  Amidst the fabled tracks of the decade, such as “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “I Will Survive,” “Walk On The Wild Side” and countless others, there is one song that closed out the 70’s which opened up the way towards a new era. Fusing new wave, disco, rock, and electronic music, the band Blondie introduced the world to “Heart of Glass.”

The original version of the song “Once I had a Love” recorded for, but only added to the bonus tracklisting of a re-issue to Blondie’s second album, Plastic Letters originally released in 1978, was reworked for their third album Parallel Lines released later in the same year. It was the song that brought Blondie to the world outside of the New York City club scene.
The song itself is a uniquely simple track that draws to the inner spirit of us all. Its pulsating intro leads the way towards the vibrant drums and bass that sways over the hypnotic-like rhythms. On this wonderfully curated six-track EP compiled by audiophiles, Numero Group listeners can hear all the magic that was created around this single. From the original version of the song, the disco version (my favorite), the extended version and others you can sit back and appreciate what this song means to music.
The EP drops this coming Friday, October 26th, and is must have for any music nerd. Get yours here