Album Review; Arcade Fire, Everything Now

Arcade Fire
Everything Now

Go and listen to the single “Rebellion (Lies)” from Arcade Fire’s blistering debut Funeral.  Once you’re done with that, become entranced with The Suburbs in its entirety.  These examples are in my opinion are what makes Win Bulter and company so fucking legendary.  Their songs are passionate and they are also bone-chilling.  Listening to Arcade Fire’s fifth album Everything Now, I couldn’t help but notice that we are seeing this great indie act drifting away from us.  No longer is the music feeling important.  It’s now merging in the lane of other bands that are stuck right down the middle, almost directionless.  This is an official request to Arcade Fire: it’s time to stop bouncing around and go back to where it all began sonically.  It’s understandable that experimenting can lead towards some epic material.  However, Everything Now completely missed the mark.  (Columbia Records) by Tommy Johnson