Al Menne Shares New Single “Grandma’s Garden”

Al Menne, best known as the lead singer of beloved Seattle band Great Grandpa, shares “Grandma’s Garden,” the propulsive new single from their debut solo album, Freak Accident.

“‘Grandma’s Garden’ is an over larking feeling of nostalgia. The remembrance of running through my grandparents’ pastures with my brothers sweeps into the feeling of not fitting into grown-up’s ideas of who I would be as a kid,” Menne explains. “The demo of this song is smaller and almost sweeter sounding which holds a place in my heart, but I’ve always loved songs that sonically and lyrically are at odds. This song feels like summer to me.”

Menne’s songs are filled with clever melodies and honeyed, homespun rock arrangements that showcase their taut songwriting. They manage to collapse a maze of gnarled emotions into clear, direct, and inviting pathways, often using humor as an access point to something more profound. 

Menne has also announced a record release show at Los Angeles’ famed Bob Baker Marionette Theater on September 21st. Tickets are available now.

Photo Courtesy: Seannie Bryan