Adam Melchor Shares New Single “Why You?”

Adam Melchor returns with another gorgeous song from his forthcoming EP Fruitland out September 22nd via Warner Records. The beat-driven “Why You?” has all the hallmarks of an instant classic and is another undeniable pop gem from one of indie rock’s brightest songwriters. 

Of the song, Melchor says “Masochism; touching the stove even though you know it will burn; giving into love even if it’s terrible for you; accepting that hell is just more for you than heaven. This is what Why You? is about. We all need our vices, why not let one of those be love? Why not? Why You.”

Melchor’s songs massage the line between off-kilter indie lullabies and the great tradition of classic LA singer-songwriters. It’s been quite the trip for the singer, whose forthcoming Fruitland EP dawns a new era. Once splitting his identity between the soothing folksinger on record and the jubilant rock ‘n’ roller on stage, Melchor on Fruitland presents his most complete self and the true distillation of what it’s like to experience the now more seasoned songwriter and performer in person.

Photo Courtesy: Adam Alonzo