AaRON Release New Single “Ultrarêve”, Accompanying Video

AaRON’s forthcoming new album Anatomy of Light — due out September 18 — lays its cards on the table. Observing arguments and laughter all the while honing in on ambient noise, conversations and moments of silence. Today, the acclaimed French duo have released their irresistible new single “Ultrarêve” alongside a cinematic video featuring global superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The band received an email from Jean-Claude Van Damme himself (17.5M Facebook, 5M Instagram) who expressed being a fan and inquired about collaborating on his forthcoming feature film project. This led to a conversation about the band’s new album and the birth of a friendship. “Jean-Claude came back to us to tell us how much this song meant to him. He offered to film the video himself in Los Angeles in an unprecedented setting, calling on his daughter Bianca to direct. The “(ultra) dream has become the (ultra) reality”.” Having developed a massive global following, AaRON also found a fan in beloved actor John Malkovich who starred in the duo’s 2015 “Blouson Noir” video.

Composed in the burning desert of Nevada, in Paris and on the Greek islands, the 10-song collection is a fantasy adventure soundtrack. One where electronics reign supreme, vintage synths lay on top of drum machines from another century and classical arrangements are combined with retro-futuristic accents. It is a celebration – one that turns darkness into bright shining light and will make your nights more beautiful than your days.