Superchunk to Release New 7-inch, “Everything Hurts” b/w “Making A Break”

In 2022, Superchunk released Wild Loneliness, their first album in four years. The collaborative energy of that record carried itself over into two songs that did not make the album, “Everything Hurts”  and  “Making a Break,” which now comprise a new 7-inch, out February 24 on limited-edition pink vinyl.

Of the two holdovers from Wild Loneliness, Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan had this to say:

“We recorded 2022’s Wild Loneliness at home over the course of a few months during lockdown. In keeping with the theory that ten songs is the perfect length for a record, we had to take off a couple songs that fit thematically—who doesn’t have days when everything hurts or you feel like making a break for it?—but musically couldn’t find a spot on Wild Loneliness. Perhaps because they are more traditionally ‘Superchunk’-sounding than the rest of the LP (‘Everything Hurts’ could be from Come Pick Me Up, and ‘Making a Break’ has What a Time to Be Alive energy)? Who knows! So here are these misfits from the Wild Loneliness  sessions, recorded at home in Chapel Hill and mixed by Wally Gagel in LA.”