Matthew Dear Shares "Bunny's Dream" and "Echo", Announces New Album

Matthew Dear has announced Bunny, his first album since 2012, set to drop October 12 on Ghostly International. In anticipation of  the album, Dear has shared the lead single “Bunny’s Dream” as well as additional album track “Echo.”
Bunny is Matthew Dear’s fifth album and his first since 2012. It bounces into plain sight preceded by two slyly different singles in 2017: the moody, urgent “Modafinil Blues” and the buoyant, blithe, Tegan and Sara-featuring “Bad Ones.” Bunny follows both modes, among others, parading down a rabbit hole of unhinged phrasings, dreams, and interludes. It saunters in the shadows; it stands brightly in the moonlight. Bunny is a dual vision of avant-pop; an artistic reckoning from a 21st-century polymath; persona splintered, paradox paraphrased, a riddle rendered.



Matthew Dear – Bunny

01. Bunny’s Dream

02. Calling

03. Can You Rush Them

04. Echo

05. Modafinil Blues

06. What You Don’t Know

07. Horses (feat. Tegan and Sara)

08. Moving Man

09. Bunny’s Interlude

10. Duke of Dens

11. Electricity

12. Kiss Me Forever

13. Bad Ones (feat. Tegan and Sara)

14. Before I Go

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