Griffin Cosplay Blog – Intro

Hello everyone,
My name is Steven Griffin – otherwise known as Griffin Cosplay on Facebook at and Twitter @GriffinCosplay – and you have run across my new blog for Ghettoblaster. This is my very first entry so I thought I might start out with a small introduction to myself and what my posts will be about.

As I said my name is Steven but I like to go by Griffin or Grif. I am a Cosplayer from Dayton, Ohio. I am very new to the world of cosplay and have only just begun. I commissioned my first couple of costumes a few months ago and then decided that I wanted to learn how to start building all of my own props and costumes. This blog will follow me as I learn how to do this. It will document my successes as well as my failures. I will go into as much detail as I possibly can so that maybe someone can learn from my mistakes or maybe even give me advice on my next project.
In addition to following my progress I will also be going to conventions and documenting my experiences there. This will give people a chance to see the conventions through the eyes of a cosplayer. I have been going to conventions for years but never in costume so this will be a very new experience for me.
My very first convention in costume will be Lexington Comic & Toy Con. I will be documenting this convention and taking pictures as well so you will get to follow me from the very beginning! Let’s hope I don’t scream and run away.
To top it all off, I will also be writing up features in which I will be talking to other people in the community. Cosplayers, event organizers, photographers, etc. We will talk about their experiences as well as finding out a little more about where they come from and how they got started. I am very excited to work on this blog and give everyone a glimpse inside of my world. I hope that all of you will follow me on my journey and enjoy what do!