Comic Review: THE CAPE

The Cape

THE CAPE by Joe Hill/Jason Ciaramella (writers) & Zach Howard (artist)
Who likes their comics dark as hell? If you answered in the affirmative, then The Cape is certain to be a perfect fit. Based on a short story by Locke & Key writer Joe Hill, it tells a simple tale of a below average guy who gains superpowers. Eric was a good kid who played make-believe superhero with his brother until discovering that his toy cape possessed mysterious powers. After years of repeated disappointments, this lazy underachiever rediscovers his precious childhood possession. Does he use his newly discovered powers to fight crime? Does he take on the world’s most corrupt governments? Does he bring about a new age of peace and harmony? Of course not! This asshole seeks revenge on everyone he perceives to have wronged him throughout the course of his miserable life. No one is safe from Eric’s perverted sense of justice. Not the police. Not his ex-girlfriend. Not even his family. While you won’t likely cheer for our antihero, you won’t be able to put The Cape down until the very end. It’s nicely paced, well-written, and features illustrations that perfectly compliment its story. The newly released hardcover of The Cape collects the entire story into one bound volume. Read it to discover what sort of darkness truly lies in the hearts of men. (IDW Publishing) by Kris Poland