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This is a review of the upcoming Dragoon expansion The Rogue and Barbarian. Read our original review of Dragoon here.

For The Rogue and Barbarian expansion you can now extend your fun on Dragoon Island to up to 6 players with the addition of, you guessed it, a rogue and a barbarian player! Different than the four dragon players from the base game, the rogue and barbarian each have their own special ways to play, though the goal of reaching 50 gold first remains for all players.

For their turn, the rogue uses an assortment of equipment cards to grant special abilities. Having no more than four equipped at any one time and unable to equip more than one a turn, it becomes a timing game of trying to stay one step ahead of the others. You also have a series of tunnel tokens that allow you to steal tribute from other players and move quickly about the board.

The barbarian arrives to the island’s shore on a ship, bringing with him havoc… and a deck full of ability cards! Drawing an ability card at the start of each turn, the barbarian player needs to build up his level as cards come with a level requirement. The only way to knock the barbarian back down to level one is by defeating him in combat. Because the barbarian can quickly run away with things if he stays at level 5, it may be a good idea to save him for games of 5 or 6 players (he quickly ran away with things in our 3-player game).

The unfortunate oversight to this expansion is there really isn’t anything for the dragon players. Compared to a leveling system and havoc deck or a system of tunnels and equipment cards, playing as a dragon is kind of dull now. Part of the core game’s appeal lay in its simplicity of rules, but with the expansion the old way of playing feels a little two-dimensional by comparison.

The Kickstarter for both the expansion and a second printing of the game is live for just a few more days now, so head on over soon! Also included with the second-printing is a standard edition that substitutes plastic playing pieces for the initial special edition’s precious metals. The metal playing pieces are impressive, but it’s also $40 more. Decisions, decisions. (Lay Waste Games) by David C. Obenour

Longtime Ghettoblaster Crates illustrator, Landis Blair has a Kickstarter up for his first graphic novel, The Hunting Accident (written by David Carlson).

“The true life story of a Chicago mobster who is blinded during a shootout and is sent to Stateville prison in 1936 where he learns to navigate life by reading Dante’s Inferno under the tutelage of real life thrill killer Nathan Leopold.”

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Steven Griffin, aka Griffin Cosplay is a new cosplayer based out of Dayton, Ohio. This blog follows his successes and failures as he immerses himself in the culture both behind the scenes and at the conventions. You can find him on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GriffinCosplay and Twitter @GriffinCosplay.

Cosplay Cookbook
Cosplay Cookbook

There are a lot of fun and exciting things happening in the cosplay world right nod and one that I’m really excited for is the Project-Nerd Cosplay Cookbook! When I started hearing rumblings about this it immediately grabbed my attention.  Two of my favorite things in the world are cosplay and cooking. Having the two come together is amazing!  Not to mention that this is a unique idea.

Shortly after hearing about it my buddy, Detty Cosplay told me that he was going to be involved. This got me even more excited because now I had a friend involved in this really awesome project. Shortly after that I received an email from Iggy who runs Project-Nerd and he asked if I had any interest in being the Aquaman for this cookbook. I nearly had a heart attack. The day I got the email I was at a friends house for an evening of board gaming. I read the email stood up and I kid you not, did a little dance.

After calming myself down a bit I sat down to write my reply which I believe was just me being overly excited about being asked to be involved and to play one of my favorite characters no less! It’s not every day that you get an email asking you to be the King of Atlantis! I was also informed that Oki-Cospi would be playing Queen Mera. This is also exciting as she is an amazing cosplayer.

Griffin Cosplay - Aquaman
Griffin Cosplay – Aquaman

I was later informed that it was all because Detty Cosplay had thrown my name out to Project-Nerd  I owe him a HUGE thank you. So I’m going to say it here. Thanks John! I also want to thank Iggy and the rest of the people from Pro-Nerd for giving me a chance to be involved in this.

What I’m trying to say here is that I’m extremely excited and honored to be involved with such and awesome project.

As of  May 12, 2014 the Kickstarter has launched and you can find it here and for more information about the project check out Project-Nerd’s website!