Roots of Creation Shares Video “Light It Up” Feat. Mighty Mystic

New Hampshire’s Roots of Creation kicks off 2021 with new music. Today, Roots of Creation dropped its new music video for “Light it Up,” which features Mighty Mystic. The stand-alone single was released last year and is a beast of a track.

“Light it Up” is the anthem that’s needed to kick off the year. Mighty Mystic is best known as one of the leaders in the modern reggae revival and “Light It Up” reminds us that sometimes a song is what we need to reconnect to the here-and-now. Although Roots of Creation is known for diverse dynamics and sounds ranging from dub to hard rock, here the band settles into a propulsive rhythm that doesn’t break for the track’s 4:20 run time. Leave it to Brett Wilson’s chorus “Damn, it feels good to be alive” to ring like medicine for a 2020 blight. And with Mighty Mystic providing slinky verses like “Yeah it’s a party yo/ spliff and Bacardi yo/ kick like karate yo/ sweat like a cardio” we have something fun, triumphant, and true to Reggae roots.