Top Ten of Twenty Thirteen: Tim Krug of Oh Condor

Tim Krug

Tim Krug

Although Oh Condor haven’t really released any music in 2013, they remain one of Dayton, Ohio’s most earnest and fun bands.  Their musical roots can be traced to ’90s indie rock, their production is a little too slick for lo-fi, too ambitious for slacker rock, and too fun for shoegazing.  The quartet’s Reflector EP, which was released via Gas Daddy Go! in February 2012 showcased the scrappy and ambitious quartet were capable of and committed to chasing down moments of pop and rock brilliance and setting them to tape.

On a personal level, we at Ghettoblaster happen to know that singer/multi-instrumentalist Tim Krug, who has also done time with Ohio’s Human Reunion, has both informed and impeccable taste in music.  This is what he told us he has been digging in 2013:

Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody – Black Horses

Cheetahs – Extended Plays **

Crooks on Tape – Fingerprint

Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks

Pretty & Nice – Golden Rules for Golden People

PVT – Homosapien

Their / They’re / There – Their / They’re / There

Van Dale – Van Dale

Yuck – Glow & Behold

Yvette – Process

** Is a 2013 LP that collects two eps released in 2012 cheating? I included 11 just in case.

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Tim Krug and friends (including Tyler Trent of Brainiac) are also set to celebrate the life of late Human Reunion vocalist Jeremy Frederick here: