Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen: Mark Kramer of Tender Mercy

Tender Mercy

Tender Mercy

Louisville, Kentucky’s Tender Mercy, the singer/songwriter project of Mark Kramer, delivers delicate, almost fragile, acoustic music that is almost too beautiful and honest to take in. Exploring various forms of insecurity and self-doubt, he lays his heart bare before audiences. But the thing that sets Kramer apart is the undercurrent of hopefulness that is present, even when his delivery is at its most morose.

2014 saw the release of his second effort, As Someone Else You Embrace The Moment In Us, which was recorded in February at The Scooter Room in Louisville. The stark and hypnotic compositions showcase an artist with a mature and powerful view of his artistic direction and are his most breath-taking to date.

Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Kramer to ask about some other 2014 releases that took his breath away.

Melanie De Biasio, No Deal

Redefining jazz vocals for the 21st Century.

London Grammar, If You Wait

Horrible band name…..incredible band.

Twin Limb, Demo/Soundcloud

My all time favorite Louisville band.

Mark Kozelek, Live at Biko

The Benji album is definitely a high-water mark for Sun Kil Moon but hearing those songs live makes them that much better.

Norma Wintstone, Dance Without Answers

Few artists can cover Madonna,Tom Waits and Kermit the Frog and make it sound convincing.

Lana Del Ray, Ultraviolence

Love her or hate her. I love her!

Broken Twin, May

Criminally overlooked artist from Denmark.

Cher Von, Gol

Total bliss.

Grouper, Ruins

Dane Waters, A Harp With Teeth That Is Drooling And Crying

Louisville’s answer to Jarboe. So magnificent.

(Listen to Tender Mercy here: