Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen: Cut Teeth

Cut Teeth

Cut Teeth

The creed of Cut Teeth is a simple one: to be loud and be loud together. The band began doing so while writing together in Chicago early 2011 when the combination of inheriting a practice space and taking a break from their other musical pursuits (The Red Knife Lottery, Monday’s Hero, The Felix Culpa, Stay Ahead of the Weather) created a perfect storm of sorts.

Their latest, Night Years, dropped in October and is undoubtedly their most mature effort to date. As far as they’re concerned, the future won’t look too different.

Ghettoblaster recently caught up with the band to ask what their favorites of the year were, and this is what had them chomping at the bit.

Raspberry Bulbs, Privacy

Shellac, Dude Incredible

United Nations, The Next Four Years

White Lung, Deep Fantasy

Mastodon, Once More ‘Round the Sun

Young Widows, Easy Pain

Sharon Van Etten, Are We There

Single Mothers, Negative Qualities

Fucked Up, Glass Boys

Greys, If Anything

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