Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen: Curran Reynolds of Body Stuff

Body Stuff

Body Stuff

Body Stuff, formerly a one-man project, and is the brainchild of Curran Reynolds (ex-Today is the Day and much more). Their only the live show of the year occurred earlier this month at Saint Vitus in New York and featured a four-piece lineup including Rush Moody, Ryan Jones and Matt Kepler. Jones is also ex-TITD and is a member of local rippers Mutilation Rites, who Moody has also joined as a live member. Body Stuff’s self-titled EP offers industrially-oriented hardcore that is bound to stop you dead in your tracks.

Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Reynolds to ask him about some records that stopped him in his tracks this year. This is what he told us.

This does not include bands I worked with this year. There are too many of them and I love them all. For that list, see here:

1. Unit 731, The Hive Mind

The sweetest jams. Like, Buried Alive + Devourment.

2. Raspberry Bulbs, Privacy

NYC sewer music.

3. Code Orange Kids, I Am King

Heavy young people.

4. Chain and the Gang, Minimum Rock N Roll

Ian Svenonius gets the cool dude longevity award. I saw him play with The Make-Up in 1997, religious experience. Saw him a couple weeks ago as Chain and the Gang and he’s still killing, same vibe as ever, James Brown, Jean Luc-Godard, and he’s backed by some hot new youngbloods, keeping it fresh.

5. Olivia Neutron John, Vulnerability

One of the hot new youngbloods in Ian’s band, she rules.

6. Mobb Deep, The Infamous Mobb Deep


7. Ocrilim, Beggar

One of Mick Barr’s projects.

8. Pyrrhon, The Mother of Virtues

Soundtrack to my existential horror. I booked early shows for this band and have watched them grow into a beast.

9. Xiu Xiu, Angel Guts: Red Classroom

My song of the year: “Stupid in the Dark.”

10. Black Veil Brides, Black Veil Brides

I admire this band a whole lot for their success. Andy Biersack is handsome as hell.