Throwback Thursday: Six Going On Seven

For many people, the 90’s came and went. For others, it was a time of emo(tional) discovery as bands wore their hearts on proverbial sleeves. It seemed just about most bands were linked and tagged within the subgenre that exploded onto multiple scenes, with some taking chances and creating great music as others rode on those coattails for a chance at 15 minutes of infamy. There were some that didn’t fit the stereotypical sound or aesthetic like Flu Thirteen, Error Type: 11, and even Six Going On Seven, a Boston group that pieced together a heavy sound with loads of melody.

Six Going On Seven was made up of three members, Josh English (vocals/bass), James Bransford (guitar) and Will Bartlett (drums). It began with the group’s 1997 debut, Self-Made Mess (Some) which was so different from many other bands, driven by English’s gruff vocal delivery and bottom end. It certainly was a welcomed change. The band toured and two years later released Heartbreak’s Got Backbeat (Some) where the band continued to evolve creating an album of virtual punk-pop hits that many never heard. With little fanfare, the band released 2001’s American’t (or Won’t) (Big Wheel Recreation) which showed the group was far ahead of its time.

“New/Improved” off Heartbreak’s Got Backbeat free download here.