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I’ve been trying to focus on a couple of different things but life is just sometimes much too busy for to get everything done when you’d like to.  So what do you do? Well, Just go ahead and “Get Down” when you can. See what I did there? That’s my lead in to this week’s action and what we’re discussing. I caught up with another friend of mine here, Chris Purrison, also known as Quest The Unbornchild, my fellow music, movie and book nerd who sometimes doubles as a rapper. From the desert to the coast, on The Get Down, and other miscellaneous shit. (please excuse the technical difficulties)

It has come for brains! Also, for like colors and colorsafe bleach and tumble drying on the low setting.
It has come for brains! Also, for like colors and colorsafe bleach and tumble drying on the low setting.


In a world where experimental electronic music exponentially splinters into a multitude of rogue genres that slowly shuffle the globe from demilitarized dance floors to sleeper cell bedroom studios and back, a team of disparate scientists tracks this solanum-like pandemic while desperately trying to interpret cryptic field recordings of Samhain’s past, not one day at a time, but from Amen to Zombie

Yes, yes y’all.  Back from the dead so to speak.  Yours truly has spent a week in Boston, Mass soaking up the Halloween culture.  And if you could have the cold hand of death guide your dart as you threw it at a map of the U.S. when deciding to take a Halloween themed vacation, Boston would surely be at the end of your blood soaked dart…  Anyway, Halloween in Boston and in Salem was a treat.  The commuter rail station at the North End is a site to see on the 31st. As well as just about every other line in Boston,  just filled with people partying in costume.  And Salem?  You have to see it to believe it.  The costumes are amazing.   Just a short 30 minutes over dilapidated industrial landscape, peppered with New England spooky wooded glens and swamps and you arrive at the train station just outside of town.  I missed my first train making my way back into Boston, and I got to spend a nice peaceful time staring at the full moon and hearing all of Salem celebrate in style the daemons in all of us.  My only real souvenir of my trip was a completely awesome T-shirt I bought in Salem, which you can check to the left.  Amongst all the witch and pumpkin themed schwag available, buried in a row of street venders offering palm readings, that’s right.  I managed to find a zombie themed souvenir T-shirt.  Which is about the most awesome thing in the whole freaking world.  So slightly wrong headed as to be completely ridiculous.  And slightly sad I guess.  There is no reason in this world that it would be necessary for a town like Salem to put a zombie on a T-shirt, other than to try and sell it to a tourist.  Confirming our worst fears: humans will set about in witch trials to try and ferret out the weaker zombie ilk.  Trying to rob them of their cash to try and sustain a failing community of middle-class people who’s one chance to celebrate their heritage just so happens to be a black mark on their consciousness and a huge raging, awesome party.  I’m still going to wear the T-shirt.  I’m from Pittsburgh, Salem ain’t got shit on us!  At least zombie-wise, that is.

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