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It’s been a strange ride for the group whose last full-length release, Medicine Babies, dropped back in 2010. At that time the line-up – which has had a few different variations but the members that have come and gone have always remained closely knit and interchangeable – was made up of Gnomad, Darius Jamal VanSluytman F/K/A Seraphim, and Eddie Steeples. Early releases made it my way although Seraphim’s name always popped up around all the time, as a guest vocalist on tracks by underground legends like Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, Crunc Tesla and Mike Ladd’s The Majesticons. But it was in  2003 that I first met the crew as they offered up their first self-released CD, White Power Black Magic, a collage of dissonance, off-beat drum patterns and fierce lyricism. But it’s Medicine Babies I’m here to discuss. While Steeples Hip-Hop career was sidetracked into acting (Torque, My Name Is Earl) the group put itself on hold. Finding himself once again back in the fold, the members reinvented itself into an invigorated beast! The release was like nothing the group had previously released. With additional production and assistance from the likes of Radioclit, Fred Q Nasty and TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe the group proved to redefine what Hip Hop and music should sound like. We’ll see what comes next…



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Nevermen, the leaderless trio of Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio), Adam “Doseone” Drucker (Anticon/cLOUDDEAD) and Mike Patton (Faith No More/Tomahawk) has set a Jan. 29 release date for their self-titled debut, Nevermen (North America: Ipecac Recordings; Internationally: Lex Records).

Pre-orders for the 10-song album are available now, with iTunes pre-orders  (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nevermen/id1051561235?ls=1&app=itunes) including an instant download of “Tough Towns” (https://soundcloud.com/nevermenmusic/nevermen-tough-towns), a song Rolling Stone described as “a quirky, cinematic avant-pop single” featuring “five minutes of eerie synthesizers and understated hip-hop beats.”  Nevermen physical pre-orders can be found here: https://merchaye-revolve.squarespace.com/ipecac-music/nevermen-nevermen-cd (CD) and https://merchaye-revolve.squarespace.com/ipecac-music/nevermen-nevermen-lp (vinyl).

Nevermen is neither side-project nor super group; it’s merely meant to be — a years-in-the-making partnership in which these men shared all duties, discovering their collective sound with the sort of glee and freedom usually reserved for first-timers. Amid this wild, weird churn of rock, pop, rap, soul, and other, it’s shockingly easy to lose track of who’s singing at what moment, and that’s the point: to quote Tunde/Adam/Mike in song, “The frontman digests its self.” Nevermen, the album, finds these three giants shredding their egos to get at the heart of why they do what they do, to explore the hopes and fears and wins and losses of anyone who carves career out of what started as dream.


The official music video drops from artist Pell.  While the song “Café Du Monde” was previously released, this time around the fans get a visual to to go with the audio. It’s the first single from Pell’s upcoming album, LIMBO, releasing on November 6th on Federal Prism. The video is a stunning concept that pulls Pell into a world he’s unfamiliar with that leaves you on edge waiting to see what happens next.

Also note:  the record’s production handled by Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio.

Check out “The New Baktun” (soundcloud), Santiparro’s cathartic second single from his debut album True Prayer (out February 24 via Gnome Life Records). FADER premiered the song, which features none other than TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone on vocals, and follows Santiparro’s collaboration w/ Will Oldham, “The Benefit of Confrontation” (soundcloud).

Stream/Share: “The New Baktun” (feat. Kyp Malone) via Soundcloud

Along with vocal contributions from Kyp Malone and Will Oldham, the album also features Adam Wills (Bear In Heaven), Melati Malay (Young Magic) and Ben Bromley (NewVillager). True Prayer ushes past the typical psychedelic-folk boundaries to penetrate the mysteries of the spirit world and the outer reaches of expanded consciousness.

Santiparro means “the lens that sees many things not usually seen,” and was the name given to Alan in 2010 during a pilgrimage with a Wixatari (Huichol) family to Wirikuta, the sacred desert where Peyote originates. True Prayer is an emergent work, ancient teachings and timeless visions, transmitted through the artistry of a modern man.

Our friend Noah recently turned us on to Boy King Islands.  BKI lead dude Zacharty Mastoon recorded glitch beats as Caural. His partner in the band Jason Hunt has been playing with Mastoon since their high school days in a band called Transmission. Transmission actually spawned a ton of rad musicians including session bass player Eric Perney (Tom Waits) and horn player Stuart Bogie who’s a major force in Antibalas as well as a touring member of TV on the Radio and Iron and Wine. Bogie is working with Zak and Jason on the next Boy King Islands project (as is Matt Lux of Isotope 217).

You can check a couple songs from their latest album here:
http://soundcloud.com/boykingislands/falling-ceiling & http://soundcloud.com/boykingislands/i-am-you

Song: Will Do

TV ON THE RADIO drop the video for “Will Do” off of their upcoming nuevo album “Nine Types of Light”…

Is computer love possible? Check the video my friends…