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Photo by Becky DiGiglio

In the spirit of Providence, Rhode Island’s penchant for odd musical offspring, Made up of members of Arab on Radar, Athletic Automation, Mahi Mahi and Six Finger Satellite, Providence, Rhode Island’s The Chinese Stars were Eric Paul, Craig Kureck, V. Von Ricci (who took over for Richard Pelletier), and Paul Vieira. The band took their music in an upbeat, dancepunk-centered direction with the formation of The Chinese Stars, lasting long enough to produce four albums full of unbridled energy and dark humor. Though the band is no longer creating new music, three of the four members went on to form Doomsday Student, who recently released their third LP, A Self-Help Tragedy.

Inspired by a European Doomsday Student tour earlier this year, The Chinese Stars’ fourth LP, Heaven on Speed Dial, was rereleased by Three One G Records digitally on May 19. The fourth and final album from The Chinese Stars, was a departure from the intensely spastic, discordant sound of a predecessor like Arab on Radar or what would later become Doomsday Student, all of which have the common thread of vocalist Eric Paul and drummer Craig Kureck. This music had a deceptively straightforward, upbeat sound– funky, dance-inspiring and catchy in comparison. This in no way suggests that it didn’t also have bite, though– the tracklist should be enough to evidence this by way of a title like “No Car No Blowjob”. Listen carefully and quickly realize that it is as catchy as it is confrontational. There is a perverse playfulness to it all, which is what makes the band’s music so memorable years later.

Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Paul to discuss the band’s tour with The Blood Brothers, calling it quits, the move to other projects, and their legacy.

What was it that inspired Chinese Stars to take up the weirdo flag in the first place?

Arab On Radar had just dissolved and playing in a band was all Craig and I ever knew — we’d been doing it most of our lives –so we approached two musicians in town that we admired (Rick Pelletier and Paul Vieira) and asked them about forming a new band.

The band was both catchy and confrontational. Is that a spirit that you lauded yourselves on?

The catchiness was a more or less a challenge that we had set for ourselves. After the cacophony of Arab On Radar we were looking to stay within a similar aesthetic but at the same time explore aspects of songwriting and sounds that we were unfamiliar with. The confrontational aspects of Chinese Stars were inherent, in the same way that it exists in everything I’ve been part of.

What were your proudest accomplishments with the group?

Some of my best memories with the band were from our tour with The Blood Brothers. I felt Chinese Stars was in good form and because The Blood Brothers were so popular we were able to play in front of huge crowds in some exciting venues. On top of it, we really connected with them as people and we’ve remained great friends ever since. And I’m really proud of the song “The Drowning.”

When and why did Chinese Stars call it quits?

We stopped playing shortly after Heaven on Speed Dial came out but we never “broke up.”  Craig and I went on to do some reunion shows with Arab On Radar and then Doomsday Student started up. We never returned to writing with Chinese Stars. We are all still great friends — I guess with a few rehearsals we could always play a show or two?

Three of the four of you moved on to Doomsday Student right? And you’ll be touring this Summer?

Yes.  I’m actually writing you from Austria — we play Vienna tonight as part of a tour.  Then we are doing a handful of one-offs when we get home including shows with Lydia Lunch’s Retrovirus and Lightning Bolt.

Is the Heaven on Speed Dial LP out-of-print?

The LP is out of print.

Did the DS tour have anything to do with now being the right time for the re-release?

Sort of. Doomsday was about to embark on a bunch of shows to support the new album, A Self-Help Tragedy, so we thought it would be the best time for a reissue.

What are you hoping that people who hear it for the first time now take away from it?

When I get into conversations with people about the bands I’ve been in –most people make a point of telling me which band they like the best. I enjoy this. I prefer people to view what I’ve done as more of a strange journey than just as a person in a specific band. A lot of the same people continue to go the shows and buy the albums but they just have their personal favorites. So, I’d love for people to look at Chinese Stars as a phase or a point of a career where I was exploring a slightly different aspects aspects of the music  I’m part of.  Whether you like one era better than another that’s great  — I just feel grateful that anyone supported any of it and I am able to still do it.

What are you hoping the lasting legacy of the band is?

More or less what I was saying in the previous answer — I’d love for people to judge it against the background of all the bands, albums, and songs I’ve worked on.

(Purchase the LP here: http://threeoneg.com/archive/digital-only/heaven-on-speed-dial.)

Beginning with a music career in San Diego which included titles of distinction such as cross-dressing dancer for Optiganally Yours, drums for Thingy, Followers, and Goblin Cock, bass for Alpha Males and, simply, “everything” in Schlag-Schlag, Brent Asbury has experience in most musical areas and genres.

Since his time in California, he took up producing and engineering at his current studio in Portland, Oregon — anything over the years from The Locust to Michael Bolton. Of course, then, it might be hard to imagine what his own dissonant brainchild might sound like today. The answer is, surely, none of the above– or at least, unlike any one conventional category. Asbury describes PANICKER as “blending aspects of EBM, industrial, techno and hip hop with the emotion of punk, hardcore, metal, experimental, and horror movie scores.”

PANICKER’s debut seeks to give a voice (sans vocalist) to the anxious emotional state occupied by musician/producer/sound engineer Brent Asbury– as well as, it seems, society as a whole. The feeling is frightening, all-consuming and urgent, and he captures this well. And where genres may be remiss, the title seems to serve well.

This track is a single off of PANICKER’s debut self-titled LP, “Parties” became available digitally and on random variant vinyl via Three One G Records on April 26. Preorder here.

(Visit PANICKER here:

PANICKER Soundcloud



Silent was formed in Baja California by Jung Sing himself has been the drummer for All Leather, Locust/RETOX singer Justin Pearson’s agit-noise synth band. Silent’s music takes on various aural approaches. hypnotic, distorted, and sometimes surfy and catchy, Silent emits grief and desperation that brings to mind a Mexicali-reincarnated Nick Cave.

Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Sing to ask about his favorite records and live performances of the year. This is what he told us.






Best live performances on 2016:




(Visit Silent here: http://threeoneg.com/artists/silent.)

Doomsday Student is Eric Paul, Stephen Mattos, Craig Kureck, and Paul Vieira. Made up of members from bands such as Arab on Radar, The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton, and Chrome Jackson, one should not be particularly surprised by the level of dissonance, mania, and peculiarity thoughtfully melded into every layer of the music, from unsettling lyrics to hysteric guitars and irregular rhythms. Obnoxious to those who seek the obvious but beloved by many others, the band has made comrades of and played with Retox, Guerilla Toss, Child Bite, White Mice, Head Wound City, and Graf Orlok, among many others.

The video for “The First Trip” (below) was directed by Planchette and stars J.M. Wyland, A.M. Ticaric, and T. Giles.

This single is off of Doomsday Student’s newest LP, A Self-Help Tragedy, which was released by Three One G Records on vinyl/digitally and through Skin Graft Records in CD format on December 2.

(Visit Doomsday Student here: http://doomsdaystudent.com/.)

Planet B (Photos by Becky Digiglio)
Planet B (Photos by Becky Digiglio)

San Diego-based project Planet B is Justin Pearson (The Locust, Head Wound City, Dead Cross, Retox), Gabe Serbian (The Locust, Head Wound City, Dead Cross, Zu), and Luke Henshaw (Sonido de la Frontera, First Power Crew).  The three have worked together in varying capacities over the years, but began working together more extensively for their contributions to the soundtrack of Asia Argento’s film, Incompresa, which starred Charlotte Gainsbourg.

An amalgamation of the hip hop, noise, horror, and punk worlds that have shaped each of them (and that they’ve also each helped shape), the project is currently working on their debut LP, which is a follow up to their 7-inch single released by Three One G last year. The album will include collaborations with artists such as Martin Atkins (Ministry, PIL, etc.) and Brian Evans (Retox). Planet B is also currently working with Pabst Blue Ribbon to release a track (also a remix of a song featured in the film Incompresa) on a limited edition split 7-inch single. The split is a collaboration with The Invisible Scratch Pickles.


Listen to, and download for free, the Planet B remix of “Attractive Mammals,” initially featured in Asia Argento’s Incompresa and released as a 7-inch single on Three One G, below:

(Visit Planet B here: http://threeoneg.com/artists/planet-b.)

Here now is the disorienting and frenetic new video for the forthcoming METZ single, “Eraser,” directed by Nathan Joyner and starring Alia Jyawook of the San Diego band Hot Nerds.

METZ’s 2016 headlining world tour resumes this Saturday, January 9 in Boston at the Sinclair and runs through February 20 in Beijing, China at Mao Livehouse.

The “Eraser” b/w “Pure Auto” single will be available January 22, 2016 on 7-inch vinyl from Three One G and digitally from Sub Pop.

Following two acclaimed albums on Sub Pop (2012’s METZ; 2015’s II) and a deeply impressive amount of touring, this Three One G single is the band’s first recording for the esteemed CA-based label, and their first new material since the release of II. Both “Eraser” and “Pure Auto” were produced by METZ, recorded by Graham Walsh at Union Sound Company, and mastered by Matthew Barnhart at Chicago Mastering Service.

The “Eraser” / “Pure Auto” 7-inch single, which was pressed on either sea foam green or white vinyl in two runs limited to 1,000 copies each, is available now for preorder through Three One G while supplies last (copies through Sub Pop Mega Mart are now sold out). The single is also available for preorder digitally through Three One G, megamart.subpop.com, iTunes, and Amazon.

For more info on METZ’s “Eraser” / “Pure Auto” single, please visit Three One G.

Jan. 9 – Boston, MA – The Sinclair * ^
Jan. 11 – Washington, DC – Rock & Roll Hotel * ^
Jan. 12 – Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church * ^
Jan. 13 – New York City, NY – Bowery Ballroom * %
Jan. 14 – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg * #
Jan. 16 – Chicago, IL – Metro * (Tomorrow Never Knows Fest 2016)
Jan. 29 – Tokyo, Japan – Fever
Jan. 30 – Singapore – The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay (Laneway Festival)
Feb. 01 – Auckland, NZ – Silo Park (Laneway Festival)
Feb. 05 – Adelaide, AU – Harts Mill, Port Adelaide (Laneway Festival)
Feb. 06 – Brisbane, AU – Brisbane Showground, Bowen Hills (Laneway Festival)
Feb. 07 – Sydney, AU – Sydney College of the Arts (Laneway Festival)
Feb. 10 – Sydney, AU – Oxford Art Factory
Feb. 12 – Melbourne, AU – The Corner **
Feb. 13 – Melbourne, AU – Footscray Community Arts Centre and the River’s Edge (Laneway Festival)
Feb. 14 – Fremantle, AU – Esplanade Reserve and West End (Laneway Festival)
Feb. 17 – Taipei, TW – The Wall Livehouse
Feb. 19 – Shanghai, China – Yuyintang
Feb. 20 – Beijing, China – Mao Livehouse
* w/ Bully
^ w/ So Pitted
# w/ Big Ups
** w/ Deaf Wish, My Disco

Hot Nerds
Hot Nerds

Hot Nerds pumps out smirking, throbbing synth-punk with a vibe every bit as acidic as that of The Locust or Arab on Radar.  Their forthcoming record, Strategically Placed Bananas (which drops via Three One G on March 10), drips with vitriol and humor in equal doses. Lyrics about anxieties, addictions, and nihilism, delivered via Nathan Joyner’s nasal whine, clash with bouncy hooks and illustrator Josh Freydkis’ ’80s-defiling cover art. 

The San Diego band has deep ties to Three One G and its 20-year history of oddball hardcore, noise, and electronics. Joyner plays in All Leather with Three One G founder Justin Pearson and also formerly played with Pearson in Some Girls. The album was recorded and mixed by Nathan Joyner at his own studio, Cereal & Soda, and mastered by Brent Asbury (Retox, Warsawwasraw). It follows a self-titled EP, also on Three One G.

As an aside, Joyner also played in Revolution Mother with renowned skate pro Mike Vallely, and also skates. Ghettoblaster caught up with Joyner recently to discuss wearing a cup while skating, feelings of inadequacy conjured by the sport, and playing Bam Margera’s bachelor party.

What are the best places you’ve skated?

I skated at Burnside in Portland one time. I left blood all over that place.

What is the most difficult trick that you’ve landed? How does the feeling of landing that compare to the feeling of conquering a difficult riff or part in your music?

A 360 flip on flat ground.  It’s a good feeling, it’s a lot like having seven shots of espresso. It gives you so much anxiety to land it again so you just keep fucking yourself up until you land it again. Kind of like music. Except for with music, all you have to do is log into your social media account(s) and say hey I landed this riff, look at me!

What kind of deck, trucks, wheels, or other gear are you currently using?

A 2×6 piece of wood with Thunder trucks and Dingleberry wheels. I use a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, a cup, and a big mouth piece.

What other bands who have members who skate have you toured with or skated with? Were you impressed?

I played in a band called Revolution Mother, which had Mike Vallely singing. I never skated with him. But I was impressed with him, obviously. Do you seek out skate shops on tour? What are the best ones?

I’ve never sought after one on tour. Growing up in San Diego, I am spoiled when it comes to skate shops. There are so many. Pacific Drive Skate Shop in San Diego has always been my favorite skate shop.

What is the worst injury that you ever suffered skating and how did you recoup from that? Did it affect your playing?

I’ve never injured myself, I still haven’t recovered from the emotional damage skateboarding brings me on a daily basis. The feeling of inadequacy.

Which of your band’s songs are the best to skate to?

The dead space between the tracks are the best Hot Nerds Songs to skate to.

And… tell us about playing in a band with Mike Vallely!

I was in a band called Revolution Mother with Mike Vallely. It was awesome! He is the nicest guy on the face of the planet. Also the scariest guy, not because of his personality, but just because of all the veins bulging out of his neck. He’s was super enthusiastic and supportive. There’s no way to say enough positive things about the guy.

It was really cool being in that band.  The guitar player, Jason Hampton, is a seriously awesome shredder. I met the other dudes, Colin and Brandon, who were also very awesome people and musicians. So it was like playing with a bunch of really awesome people who looked like they just left a biker rally with a skinny guy to do their taxes (me).

I do recall the most memorable time of being in that band:

We played at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for Bam Margera’s bachelor party. I believe the party was televised on Bam’s MTV show “Bam’s Unholy Union.”  So, playing at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, check. Bam Margera’s bachelor party, check. Mike Vallely and a ton of professional skateboarders who I looked up to, holy shit, CHECK!

Revolution Mother hits the Hard Rock stage.  I think there was strippers or just scantily dressed ladies working poles on both sides of the stage. A VIP balcony filled with all kinds of people – the kind of people I looked up to and just plain ol’ pieces of shit.  With the clasp of four hi hat hits, Revmo started playing, Mike’s neck muscles in full bulge, Jason Hampton’s beard glistening in the seedy strobe light glow of a Vegas rock venue, Brandon and Colin shredding some serious rock roots rhythms. Just like that it was over…

Vains of Jenna (a band on Bam’s record label who I had met in Europe on a ferry ride from Sweden to the UK) takes the stage… Tthese dudes are rad people. Hair rock in the new millennium. Yep, that good. That’s it, the show is over.

Cue open bar and a microphone still plugged into the house PA. I started asking all these people if they wanted to see Revmo play again.  Shouting at the top of my lungs “WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO SEE MIKE VALLELY PLAY AGAIN?”  It got a good reaction, as I suspect everyone was two sheets to the wind by this point in the night. So Revmo played again and Mike jumped off the stage. Not sure of its height, but it was well above the ground, five to six feet maybe?  He jumped off the stage and belly flopped on the “stripper” box. I think he ended up breaking a bone. People were cheering and that’s the last thing I remember about the night.

I woke up in the green room, while housekeeping was vacuuming the stained carpet and cleaning up. I couldn’t find my shoes and wandered through the Hard Rock Hotel back to the Revmo room.

Playing with ALL those dudes was awesome and a very memorable experience in my life.

(Visit Hot Nerds here: https://www.facebook.com/HotNerds.)

L.A. duo Qui shared a new video featuring the band’s former lead singer David Yow (The Jesus Lizard). The clip for the song “You’re A Girl” from their new album Life, Water, Living… is available to watch/share HERE.

Qui also announce shows in Southern California bookending European tour dates beginning later this month, and a U.S. tour to be announced for November. Please see current dates below.

Qui & Secret Fun Club release a split 7-inch single on September 23 via Three.One.G. Listen to/share Qui’s “Feel My Body” HERE. The band’s recently released album Life, Water, Living… is available to stream/share HERE.

09/21 Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell (w/ Head Wound City)

09/25 Plzen, CZ @ Divadlo Pod lampou

09/26 Brno, CZ @ Vegalite

09/27 Vsetin, CZ @ Vesmir

09/28 Kosice, SK @ Tabacka

09/29 Oradea, RO @ Cafe Moszkva

09/30 Szeged, HU @ Live Music Club

10/01 Vienna, AT @ Rhiz (+Arktis/Air)

10/03 Ceske Budejovice, CZ @ Ostinato

10/04 Prague, CZ @ 007 Klub (w/ Hammerhead, Vaz)

10/05 Halle, DE @ Hühnermanhattan

10/06 Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang

10/08 Den Haag, NL @ Haags Pop Centrum

10/09 Brussels, BE @ m4 (+Zs)

10/10 Paris, FR @ Nouveau Casino (w/ OFF!)

10/11 Gerardmer, FR @ Le Grattoir

10/16 Geneva, CH @ L’Usine (w/ Vaz)

10/18 Valeggio sul Mincio / Verona, IT @ Villa Zamboni

10/19 Loreto / Ancona, IT @ Circolo Reasonanz

10/21 Osio sopra / Bergamo, IT @ Joe Koala

10/23 Milano, IT @ Bloom (w/ Sebadoh)

10/26 Pisa, IT @ Borderline Club

10/27 Cremona, IT @ Il Fico

10/28 Brescia, IT @ Lio Bar

10/31 Velenje, SL @ Klub eMCe plac

12/04 Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theater (w/ Moving Units)

12/05 San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick (w/ Moving Units)

San Diego intrepid underground punk label  Three.One.G announced several new releases for the coming months. These include new singles from label founder and head Justin Pearson’s bands Retox and All Leather, as well as new material from Qui, Doomsday Student (ex-Arab On Radar) and Warsawwasraw.

The label, now in its 20th year, cut its teeth with releases by The Blood Brothers, The Locust, Black Dice, Moving Units and more. And, it continues to explore a wide variety of unique experimental hardcore punk-based sounds with the announcement of the following upcoming releases:

All Leather “Insufficient Apology” 7-inch single. Pearson’s electronic-aggro outfit’s latest. Listen/share HERE. Out September 23.

Qui / Secret Fun Club split 7-inch single. L.A. weirdo avant duo Qui shares another of its perfectly crafted pop/noise/art tunes along with San Diego bass and drum duo Secret Fun Club’s (featuring Some Girls drummer Sal Gallegos) heavy rhythms. Listen to/share Qui’s “Feel My Body” HERE and Secret Fun Club’s “Pinche Harmonics” HERE. Out September 23.

Doomsday Student A Walk Through Hysteria Park LP. Former Arab On Radar and The Chinese Stars members reconvene for more ferocious noise spasms. Listen to/share “Lifeboat Blues” HERE. Out October 21.

Warsawwasraw Sensitizer LP/CD. Hyperspeed frantic vocal/guitar/drum rage while still retaining power and sense for memorable riffs is the impressive calling card of this duo. Listen to/share HERE. Out November 18.

Narrows / Retox 7-inch EP. Underground supergroup Narrows — featuring members of These Arms Are Snakes, Unbroken, Botch and Bullet Union — bellow forth unprecedented brutality. Pearson’s Retox powerhouse likewise erupt like never before. Listen to/share Narrows’ “Ride The Lion” HERE and Retox’s “This Should Hurt A Little Bit” HERE. Out December 2.