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Every Monday, Ghettoblaster is looking back to new albums released the previous week.  Below you’ll find several albums released on Friday June 10th that we believe are definitely worth a listen.

Leapling – Suspended Animation (Exploding In Sound)


The sophomore album of Brooklyn-based quartet, Leapling, is a dynamic blend of rock genres forming a fresh yet familiar sound. While the record is primarily guitar-driven power pop, the band works in orchestral elements, post-punk experimentation, and components of 90’s indie rock reminiscent of Pavement and Belle & Sebastian. This is an album about learning to “accept your limitations,” while staying true to yourself and your ambitions. Lead by Dan Arnes’ gentle yet powerful vocals, the record is technically intricate, yet appears effortlessly catchy. Great music transports it’s listener to a different time and place, and Suspended Animation accomplishes that flawlessly.


Band Of Horses – Why Are You Ok (Interscope)


The indie rock veterans’ fifth record is their best work since 2008’s Infinite Arms and one of the best guitar records of the year. Sometimes this band is stereotyped as being boring or depressing, but that claim cannot be made about this record. Why Are You Ok is full of new life and energy, with poppy guitar licks, and it’s fair share of intimate and engaging ballads. This record has an air of rebirth to it, with lyrics about moving forward while trying to accept, “the dark times of the past.” Whether you want a driving summer anthem or a pensive retrospective, this album has got you covered.


The Gotobeds – Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic (Sub Pop)


You can tell this band is a little quirky with an album title that parodies The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magic. The second release of the Pittsburgh punk band is a bright, melodic rock record, with the perfect blend of goofiness and intelligence. With clever lyrics that don’t take themselves too seriously, songs go unexpected places and keep the listener constantly captivated. This is an album that is hard to turn off as each song sparks new interest.


Garbage – Strange Little Birds (Stunvolume)


The sixth album from Garbage is a departure from the sound they’re known for. While there are some energetic rock tunes, the album is intentionally the bands darkest and deepest work to date. With melancholy tracks about love and desire, with the occasional sliver of light and optimism spilling in. Distorted electronic elements blend seamlessly with their industrial rock style, adding to the eerie environment of the record. The band stays true to their 90’s heritage without coming across as dated. We are in the age of reboots and reunions, and this album is a perfect example of artists from the past finding new ways to remain fresh and relevant.

Other notable albums:

Throws – Throws

Diarrhea Planet – Turn To Gold

Welcome to Future Sounds vol. 3

Every other week, Ghettoblaster brings you a playlist of singles from upcoming albums to excite and entice your ears.  Below you’ll find the entire playlist via Spotify as well as Playlist Highlights, which are songs that really stand out as essential listening.  So please sit back, relax and treat yourself to some seriously great music.

Playlist Highlights


Mr. Lif – World Reknown (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien)
Two early-2000’s underground hip-hop kings unite for an utterly old school, fantastically fresh and just plain awesome track.  Neither Lif nor Del have missed a beat over the years and, in fact, sound rejuvenated as they trade lines back and forth at a frenetic pace like so few hip-hop artists do these days.  The production, with its futuristic swirling keyboard, sounds like The Roots circa Things Fall Apart and is the perfect complement for these two.  Mr. Lif’s new album, Don’t Look Down, is out from Mello Music Group on  4/15/16.

The Gotobeds – Real Maths/Too Much
In 2014 The Gotobeds released a phenomenal and criminally overlooked punk rock album titled Poor People are Revolting.  They are back this year after being picked up by Sub Pop and are readying their next release Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic, out on 6/10/16.  The Gotobeds have a sort of hybrid-punk sound, bringing to mind bands like Wire, The Fall and even Devo.  The first taste of the new album they’ve provided is a schizophrenic punk song, going all over the place in a short amount of time and leaving you wanting more.

Eagulls – Skipping
Every single released thus far (see also: “My Life in Rewind” and “Lemontree”) from Eagulls upcoming sophomore release Ullages would sound right at home on a mix next to Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure and Cocteau Twins, and, “Skipping” is no different.  Right away they draw you in with the chugging bass line and never let up throughout the rest of the track.  Based on the immense strength of the three singles released so far, make sure to circle 5/13/16 on the calendar and pick up Ullages from Partisan Records.

Andy Shauf – The Magician
Last year, Andy Shauf released The Bearer of Bad News, which he recorded in his basement in Regina, Canada with a new found love for the clarinet and an acoustic guitar his grandfather left for him.  Shauf played every instrument on the album and put out one of the most interesting and heartbreaking singer-songwriter albums of the year.  He’s back again this year after being picked up by Anti- Records and will release Party on 5/20/16.  Anti- describes the upcoming album as a “tightly narrated thirty-eight minutes, all set to ornate arrangements of fuzzed-out guitars, string sections, clarinets and dreamy synths, all draped over delicate piano, acoustic guitars and rainy-day drums.”  Immediately upon listening to “The Magician” the benefits of a larger label and most likely better recording equipment, are incredibly evident.  The intricate instrumentation is all crystal clear and perfectly balanced, making for a really beautiful, yet strange song.

Yeasayer – Gerson’s Whistle
“Gerson’s Whistle” from Yeasayer’s upcoming album, Amen & Goodbye, is a hypnotic, meandering and wonderfully catchy song.  It slowly brings you in with lovely harmonies, strange synths and driving percussion, before taking off in several different directions.  This is an endlessly enjoyable, creative and just plain interesting song to listen to.  It’s also pretty weird!  Amen & Goodbye is out 4/1/16 on Mute.

Full Playlist