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Back in March of 2016 Hip Hop across the world mourned the loss of Malik Izaak Taylor, most notably known as Phife Dawg who was one-third, or one-fourth (depending on the time), of A Tribe Called Quest.  He may have succumbed to complications of diabetes but his legacy continues to live on. A Tribe Called Quest reemerged with a new album that featured all the members, as well as an assortment of artists that were more than willing to contribute to an amazing album that everyone knows now to be We Got It From Here …Thank You For Your Service.

There’s been talk of a posthumous solo release for 2017 but that same talk has been vague as to when the album will be released. We get our first taste of Phife Dawg’s newly released single “Wanna Dance (feat. Dwele & Mike City)” and appetites should be whetted for the time being.



We’ve all heard the news since Rolling Stone broke it. A Tribe Called Quest’s man Phife Dawg (Malik Taylor) passes away at age 45. While it’s not clear what he succumbed to, Malik the 5-foot freak always spoke out about the struggle and hardships he’s dealt with regarding his Type 1 diabetes. In 2008 he received a kidney transplant in an attempt to help his situation.

Last year Phife teased, revealing plans to release another solo album in 2016 entitled Muttymorphosis but prior to it, planned to release the E.P. Give Thanks which featured the J. Dilla produced “Nutshell.” No word yet on either releases, let’s just hope both see the light of day.