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Detroit-based rock duo PALACES released a slew of singles over the past two years that contained pulsing 80s new wave with droney vocals and lo-fi shoegaze.  The tracks were just the start of the bigger picture with PALACES; on February 17th, the band will be releasing their long-anticipated album New Hollywood Emotion.

The single off of New Hollywood Emotion “Chocolate” highlights the bold vision that PALACES are pushing towards.  Staying true to themselves, the duo continue to have their own unique interpretation within their musical landscape.  Here’s what PALACES said regarding “Chocolate”:

“If New Hollywood Emotion is a combination of Eastern Europe’s cold, melodic, synthesized heartbeat with California’s laid back, reverb-soaked nervous system, then Chocolate would be the stopover in Ibiza before heading to the west coast. It’s distinct, heavy guitar riffs act like a wave pushing the listener along while the capricious synth melodies attempt to shake the listener off the surfboard. Chocolate moves the body and soul in an experience of enjoyable chaos.”

Enjoy the single “Chocolate” here:





Beginning as an opportunity to allow them to explore various sounds and influences, Detroit-based Palaces want people who listen to their music go in a rhythmic trance with their own vision of ethereal sounds and unorthodox song structures. After the April release of their second EP Side Effects of Dreaming, this week the duo released the single “Axiomatic/Let Me Get Higher”.

Staying true to the hazy psych and shoegaze sound they incorporated in their latest EP, “Axiomatic/Let Me Get Higher” offer elements of atmospheric new wave along with a dose of synth-rock incorporated.

The single “Axiomatic/Let Me Get Higher” is now streaming on Soundcloud. You can listen to it here: