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It had to happen. We’re back with another episode of this thing we call Boombox Culture. Varying opinions on what makes the world go round. Well it isn’t that deep honestly but it’s just something that slid right off the head, take that as you will. With this episode we take a look at the confusion over a Netflix series a select number of people seem to have with the show called Dear White People. While it may not be politically correct to point fingers at some, it’s easy to do. Some individuals have gone so far as to cancel their Netflix accounts based on the trailer to the show alone. This follows the uproar that was another Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why, which found many speaking up about it behind keyboards on social media. What’s the issue with Dear White People? It deals with institutionalized racism, overt and covert. Take your pick. We spoke with both an educator and a musician regarding the series, its comparison to daily life and music.



At last year’s New York Comic Con, the cast the Netflix show Defenders was announced, which includes the Alien(s) franchise star Sigourney Weaver. Netflix just shared the new trailer for the show which will debut on August 18. You have the characters from the respective shows; Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist who will all be part of the superhero team. This should be good. To be continued…


I guess that title is the lead in for this. 13 Reasons Why… it’s that Netflix show that’s all the rage right now, which revolves around the suicide of a young girl. The premise of the series is that she doesn’t leave a suicide note, but instead records on 7 cassettes the reasons why she killed herself. Those tapes are passed around to a number of individuals . Each side of a tape rehashed something about one individual and how, whatever they did, contributed to her death. It’s a tangled web and the show is pretty graphic. That’s not the only thing we focus here on this episode of Boombox Culture, oh yes, there’s more. There’s Joy Division, which is tightly bound to those cassettes and other music as well.

Is there more? Yes. Former New Order/Joy Division bassist Peter Hook is back on stage performing those JD songs. Upcoming movies, shows and then some. Joining Eddie Machete is Chris “Mr. Awesome” Ratay. His name, not mine. Next time I don’t leave someone to come up with their own nickname.