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Since the year 2000, Ghettoblaster has been putting out a quarterly print magazine. For Ghettoblast from the Past, we look back at the bands and artists that were showcased within these pages.

From Issue 29, Nervous Intent Records Street Eaters.  Words by Matt Lebens.  Photo by Leo Docuyanan

Also from Issue 29, Domino Recording Company My Twin Sister (formally Twin Sister).  Words by Aaron Von Dorn.  Photo by Jon Stars

Street eaters

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Today SPIN has shared “Reverse“, the latest ripper from Bay Area post-punks Street Eaters.  The band is back with Blood::Muscles::Bones, a fierce sophomore album on the heels of several years of relentless global touring.  SPIN is hailing the track as “a backmasked pileup of grinding guitars and crashing drums that simmers, then explodes.”

Blood::Muslces::Bones, available for pre-order HERE, is set to be released June 17 on Nervous Intent Records.