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It’s another Friday and this week a few friends have expressed how there’s a feeling of  dread when it comes to rock music. It’s difficult to argue that point considering just about everything you find on the radio is bland and has a mass pop appeal to it. But it’s something that always comes up and is a never-ending cycle. But you have to look past what’s in front of you and dig deep for something viable on your own. So of course, rock isn’t dead; that’s a hearty “no.” Real rock has always remained on the fringes and it’s something you have to search out. It occasionally falls on my lap , which I’m always appreciative of. Oh what a glorious week it’s been.

One band that’s been marginalized that more people need to be familiarized with is Meat Wave. Three guys from Chicago that formed the group back in 2011 who have released their third proper full-length as a unit. The Incessant (SideOne Dummy) is one record that I’ve been anticipating. The group’s last outing, 2015’s Delusion Moon, was one record I couldn’t get enough of. Forget that Albini produced it, you can’t force such powerful and great songwriting. What do we all get from the new album? More of the same. With Albini behind the boards, Meat Wave is reminiscent of those post-punk acts that came before them. It may have something to do with a few similarities in music but there’s no faking the approach with a take-no-prisoners attitude when the three members,  Chris Sutter (vocals/guitar), Joe Gac (bass), and Ryan Wizniak (drums), barrel through every song. The band kicks things off with “To Be Swayed,” with its mechanical rhythms beginning things but quickly turning a corner with Sutter’s screamed/sung vocals. The band pauses on a dime, then quickly explode ear drums again with the powerful “Tomosaki.” As soon as you interest is peaked, it’s gone and clears into a fantastic “Run You Out.” The first three tracks run about, or just under, the 2-minute mark; they’re perfect but leave you begging for more.

meat wave
Meat Wave – The Incessant

When the track starts up, the kid gloves come off and the band takes a stab at hypnotizing listeners with a frenetic beat and frenzied guitar work. By this point I’m not even half way through the album and I’m in hook, line and sinker. Jumping around tracks like I normally do, “Glass Teeth” differs a bit softly crescendo’ing into a sonic beast of a song. Where there was some room to breath, the trio encapsulates the track in a blissful tryst full of jackhammers and sugar cookies. The title track might be the odd man out here within the 12-songs of the album, a little slower with the occasional burst of distorted guitars wrapped under Sutter’s vocals. Different, but after a few listens it seems to fit in more than I thought it would. The Incessant is more complex then you might think upon that first listen but its infectiousness is unrelenting.

My cousin turned me onto Hanni El Khatib some years ago when he released his debut Will The Guns Come Out. That release was pretty stark but had charm to it. “Loved Ones” still remains one of my favorite songs of Khatib’s. With the release of new material,  I was a little skeptical about his album Savage Times (Innovative Leisure.) I’m always left with a feeling of dread believing that a good thing never lasts. BUT, that’s not the case. When I first listened to the album I hit my social media with, “I fucks with Hanni El Khatib.” Yeah, this album is no fucking joke.

Hanni El Khatib – Savage Times

There has to be something amazing about someone who does things that hes never attempted before, from playing instruments he’s never played before to creating a collection of limited 10″ vinyl records that make up the 19-song collection of Savage Times. You’ll find yourself in familiar territory catching Khatib’s trademark rhythmic blues, opening things up with an explosive “Baby’s Ok” where Khatib’s simple delivery of lyrics “I was high as fuck,” he repeats without being repetitious. Then again, he doesn’t need much more than that here. What may surprise listeners are his lyrics on songs that are culturally relevant and have more social commentary than he’d probably want to let on. “Born Brown” is a thunderous, repetitive track where Khatib howls what he’s about, acknowledging his Palestinian and Filipino heritage, how his parents emigrated to the U.S., and the hard work they put in. There’s no other way to put it, he may play that dirty rock n roll but he was born brown. This is only the beginning though.  The quick-paced “Mangos & Rice,” gives you a small insight into not only what he was fed as a child but how it just may be  a cultural factor many just won’t understand. He’s putting that stamp on himself that in 2017 he’s the son of immigrants. Khatib takes things even farther with “Gun Clap Hero, ” a little more musically subdued but reflecting on gun culture in America, most notably how freely they’re used by law enforcement. He uses his words cleverly, not always calling them out directly until he sings, “Watch for the sirens/ They follow us/ everywhere that I turn I see them/ In the squad cars looking like demons.” It’s an amazing protest song without sounding like a protest song.

Everything is pretty direct here on Savage Times, as he drives through the garage rock he’s become so familiarized with. “Paralyzed” has him sounding more Rolling Stones than Mick Jagger while “Miracle” walks through a more frequented route he’s traveled down. Just him and his guitar when in reality, there isn’t anything else he needs. There are a number of different sides to Khatib on this 19-track opus as he shifts dynamics from song to song like on “Mondo And His Makeup” where he’s not averse to turning up the volume to 11 and throwing keyboards to accentuate that bluesy rawk! In all though, Hanni El Khatib has done something different here so new and old fans alike should be clamoring for more of him after listening to Savage Times. So yeah, I still fucks with Hanni El Khatib.

Now that brings us to Jonwayne,  and the adversity in his life. As a direct result, that same adversity  was the driving force for his record, Rap Album Two (The Order Label.) This album comes after a self-imposed hiatus that lasted a couple of years. Sometimes you’re hand is forced when there are situations that you can’t control. A bout with alcohol addiction will do that to you. That’s what happened to Jonwayne. He’s even gone on record in an open letter on social media. This is what he’s done; it’s what we all should do when we’re on top of the world and then it crashes around you. You have to pick yourself up and reassess. Now with this release expectations are quickly pushed off the curb. If you expected a depressed look at life, that’s not what we get here.

Jonwayne – Rap Album Two

He’s put together 12 tracks of easy flowed tracks that never force an attack but rather gradually take you on a journey with his words that’ll have you visualizing what he’s dreaming on with the prowess of a master storyteller.  One track that stands out this way is “Out Of Sight,” which ebbs and flows with the calmness of cool breeze on a beach. Jonwayne is reflective on how he’s led his life, with the gains and the losses being what they are. It’s a beautifully done number that I keep coming back to. “Live From The Fuck You” marks his return, beginning with a dialogue between him and someone attempting to get him to rap for his girlfriend before he just agrees and spits knowledge. But damn if this album doesn’t continue with tracks that slowly build around Jonwayne’s voice. Musically “City Voice” always sounds like it’s going to explode into something huge but Jonwayne just rides that beat and current until it ends. You’re able to grasp onto every word he shares with that beautifully rainy melody.  Rap Album Two just has that watery feel throughout it, which makes me think here’s he’s just all about washing away the negative past and focusing on the future. “Afraid Of Us (feat. Zoroh)” even tracks moves he’s made in the past and is a bit self-deprecating while Zoroh holds down the melody. But it’s “Blue Green (feat. Low Leaf)” where he puts that open letter to music, obviously changing lyrics to fit but the concept is there, reflecting on what he’s done to get where he’s left standing. You can feel his words cutting deeply throughout Rap Album Two but it doesn’t leave listeners wallowing in self-pity alongside him. It’s a story of survival, which many can relate to. At least I can. This right here, isn’t something to be taken lightly.


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It’s been one helluva year for Ghettoblaster. Artists featured exploded on the music scene and some continued to amaze with new material. Just one person’s opinion so don’t get all bent out of shape here.

Best Albums (in no particular order)

Doomtree – All Hands (Doomtree Records)
The year started out with this album I was sitting around waiting for. Come on now, you can’t go wrong with P.O.S., SIMS, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Dessa, Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger. Hip Hop never sounded so effortless while shoving a middle finger straight up its ass. Doomtree is always refreshing to listen to.


Pell – Limbo (Federal Prism)
The kid from New Orleans released his second album, this one on Federal Prism,  the label  belonging to Dave Sitek (TVOTR.) Really, this album is a refreshing change from all the bullshit you hear on mainstream radio. If this one got some mainstream play…I wouldn’t be mad at him.


Legendary Divorce – Make Me  (Reptilian Records)
This Philly band literally blew my mind when I first heard them. Aggressive rock fronted by female vocalist and dualing guitars. They only released an E.P.’s worth of work but I played it over and over and over again. From what I understand they’re working on new material


Black Bottom Lighters – 2 Or 2000 (Self-Release)
Phoenix Arizona’s desert reggae rockers dropped a full-length release that allowed them to cross boundaries playing shows with other bands, Hip Hop artists throw up that middle finger to the naysayers. They work hard from a grassroots level, and everything they have now is from that blood, sweat and tears. “Pipe Dreams” is actually a new single not on the album but so good.


Ceschi – Broken Bone Balads (Fake Four Inc.)
What can I say about Ceschi Ramos that I haven’t said a million times? Folk songs and Hip Hop tracks all on the same album? Doesn’t matter because music is music and if it’s good music, that’s even better. This album was produced by Factor Chandelier and what was created was… man, just so fucking good. The musicianship speaks for itself.


Milo – So The Flies Don’t Come (The Order Label/Alpha Pup)
This kid right here. I should just leave it at that but I can’t because he’s a wordsmith whose imagery is pretty surreal. I can’t applaud his love of words, his love of the art form enough. There is hope when you still have artists like Milo, Open Mike Eagle and the like.


Public Enemy – Man Plans God Laughs (Spitdigital)
Do I need to address the greatness of Public Enemy. Chuck D & Public Enemy established Hip Hop like no other emcee ever did. Their 13th album shows there’s no slowing down for one of the greatest names in Hip Hop of all time. They’re still fighting the powers that be.


K-OS – Can’t Fly Without Gravity (Dine Alone)
I’ve been a fan of the Canadian musician for some time. Glad to see, happy to hear his new album hasn’t lost the flavor he’s stamped each one of his albums with. Freestyles, guitars, bars, the man does it all and again, he’s one artist that has been doing things his own way.


Meat Wave – Delusion Moon (Side One Dummy)
Oh my goodness! You know that moment you hear a band and ask, “Who the hell are those guys?” That’s what happened with this group from Chicago. They’re aggressive, heavy, melodic, and toss in semblances of post-punk, punk and whatever other hard edged genre you want to include. The title track alone is sure to get anyone interested.


Mega Ran – RNDM (Random Beats)
This Philadelphia born rapper lives in Phoenix, AZ now and I’ve had the fortune to stumble upon him. When people talk about Mega Ran, words like “nerdcore” and “chiptunes” come up but what he’s doing is something different. He found the time to release his solo album after releasing collaborations with Storyville as Soul Veggies and another with Bag Of Tricks Cat as Emerald Knights this year. But his album is no joke!


Best Reissue: Red Red Meat – Jimmywine Majestic (Jealous Butcher)
Originally released back in 1994 on Sub Pop, a younger impressionable me took a chance on this band and fell in love with it. The sound wasn’t new but it pieced together some classic rock sounds and made them so relevant for the time. The group eventually morphed into Califone ( say morphed because there was no actual break up) and yeah, I continued listening to what these guys were doing.


Best Show: The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead
Yeah, I’m on the bandwagon here but I’ve been a zombie fan for a long time. The difference with these shows though is that it shows the human experience and the lengths people will go to survive. Crazy.


As the year comes to a close, Chicago trio Meat Wave, who released their album Delusion Moon this past September, are just getting started.

Kicking off in February, Meat Wave will make the trek west for the first time as a band, stopping in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, and more along the way. Support for the tour is TBD.

A blistering master class in abrasive post-punk made to feel poppy, Delusion Moon is the kind of get-in-your-head-and-stay-there record that propelled bands like Cloud Nothings, FIDLAR and Japandroids to worldwide success. Undoubtedly, it made Meat Wave an international force to be reckoned with, enhanced further by their stops at the esteemed Icelandic Airwaves festival in November, The Fest in Gainesville, FL in October, and Riot Fest in Chicago, IL in September.

Formed in 2011 by the trio of Chris Sutter (vocals/guitar), Joe Gac (bass) and Ryan Wizniak (drums), the three punk scene stalwarts came together and, just a year later, released its self-titled full-length debut. That first collection of songs was all it took for Meat Wave to start garnering attention, simultaneously referencing Hot Snakes, the disgruntled lyricism of Shellac and a little bit of The Jesus Lizard’s fire-spitting sneer just for good measure.

Thurs Dec 10 – Toronto, ON – Smiling Buddha *

Fri Dec 11 – Ann Arbor, MI – The Metal Frat *

Sat Dec 12 – Chicago, IL – The Empty Bottle *

Thurs Feb 4 – Madison, WI – The Frequency

Fri Feb 5 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th St Entry

Tues Feb 9 – Seattle, WA – Sunset Tavern

Weds Feb 10 – Portland, OR – Bunk Bar

Thurs Feb 11 – San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar

Fri Feb 12 – Los Angeles, CA – Bootleg Theater

Sat Feb 13 – San Diego, CA – Soda Bar Tues

Feb 16 – Phoenix, AZ – Valley Bar Fri

Feb 19 – Denver, CO – Hi Dive Sat

Feb 20 – Omaha, NE – Reverb Lounge

* = with Melkbelly

Available everywhere Friday September 18, Chicago-based trio Meat Wave’s new album Delusion Moon is a record that works as one interlocking piece. Focusing on the lunar cycles and the concept of moon sickness, Meat Wave puts themselves in other peoples’ shoes and attempts to work through the insanity of our modern world.

HEAR DELUSION MOON IN ITS ENTIRETY VIA THE A.V. CLUB:http://www.avclub.com/article/stream-delusion-moon-bracing-new-album-chicago-ban-225081

Pre-order Delusion Moon: http://sideonedummy.com/shop

The band will join The Dirty Nil for a co-headlining tour down to The Fest in Gainesville, FL before heading to the prestigious Iceland Airwaves in November. Immediately following, Meat Wave will headline throughout Europe and wrap it all up with a handful of dates supporting Protomartyr. All tickets are on sale now.

Saturday September 26 – Chicago, IL – Saki Records (in-store)

Tuesday October 13 – Detroit, MI – Majestic Café*

Wednesday October 14 – Buffalo, NY – The Waiting Room*

Tuesday October 20 – Philadelphia, PA – Everybody Hits*

Wednesday October 21 – New Haven, CT – BAR*

Thursday October 22 – Baltimore, MD – Metro Gallery*

Saturday October 24 – Columbus, OH – Double Happiness*

Sunday October 25 – Cincinatti, OH – MOTR*

Tuesday October 27 – Nashville, TN – Stone Fox*

Wednesday October 28 – Atlanta, GA – 529*

Thursday October 29 – Tampa, FL – Pre-Fest*

Friday October 30 – Sunday November 1 – Gainesville, FL – The Fest*

Wednesday November 4 – Sunday November 8 – Iceland Airwaves

Tuesday November 10 – Oslo, Noway – The Crossroad Club

Wednesday November 11 – Stockholm, Sweden – Lilla Hotellbaren

Thursday November 12 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Loppen~

Friday November 13 – Aarhus, Denmark – Radar~

Saturday November 14 – Berlin, Germany – Berghain Kantine~

Sunday November 15 – Cologne, Germany – Underground 2

Monday November 16 – Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang

Wednesday November 18 – Vienna, Austria – Venster 99

Thursday November 19 – Nyon, Switzerland – La Parenthese

Friday November 20 – Antwerp, Belgium – Kavka

Monday November 23 – Brighton, UK – The Hope & Ruin

Tuesday November 24 – Bristol, UK – Louisiana

Wednesday November 25 – Birmingham, UK – Sunflower Lounge

Thursday November 26 – London, UK – The Victoria

Friday November 27 – Manchester, UK – Gullivers

Saturday November 28 – Nottingham, UK – JT Soar

Sunday November 29 – Leeds, UK – Brudenell Social Club

Monday November 30 – Norwich, UK – Owl Sanctuary


* = w The Dirty Nil ~ = w Protomarytr