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If you want to be swimming in millions of dollars, you got to be a hustler.  That means networking with the big dogs of the Fortune 500 companies, closing the deals that are presented to you, etc.  Now if you are one that wants to cut their teeth in making money the shortest way possibly-follow the blueprint that Company Man have laid out.  Since their early days of formulating their business plan to today-testimonials have been flowing in for those who have made millions after attending the group’s seminars and obtaining their CDs.

Alright-in all actuality, The Company Man aren’t in the business of making money.  Instead, they are comprised of members from Dayton, Ohio’s own Motel Beds and Me Time.  Together, Company Man provide harmonious vocals and old school rock influences to their tunes.

Today, Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere the video for “Floor Machine”.  The single is coming off of Company Man’s upcoming EP Endless Growth, which is slated for release on April 22nd.

(To visit:
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/companyman4life/
BANDCAMP: https://companymanrich.bandcamp.com/)

In spring 2014, Dayton, Ohio’s Me Time released their debut EP, Vol. 1.  Led by singer-songwriter Andy Smith, the tracks merged ‘50s rock with sun-drenched ‘60s pop.  Now comes the video for the first single off of Me Time’s latest Vol. 2, “Helicopter Moon”.

Throughout Vol. 2, Me Time still maintains their sweet melodic delivery courtesy of Smith’s heart-on-the-sleeve approach.   Adding M Ross Perkins (Sofaburn Records) on bass and vocals, the band sways towards the psych-pop side of things.  The result is chiming guitars to propulsive rhythms to full-out bombastic rock n’ roll, all while maintaining a cohesive voice.

Watch “Helicopter Moon”:

The release date for Vol. 2 is November 5th.

X-Ray Acres
X-Ray Acres

On Record Store Day, Dayton, Ohio based label Gas Daddy Go! released a cassette compilation featuring the likes of Motel Beds, Oh Condor, The 1984 Draft, Kris N., and more.  One of the standout efforts was from Me Time, a band consisting of of Andy Smith (writing/singing/shitty guitar playing), Kyle Melton (good guitar playing), Elliot Ward (drums) and Josh Wickersham (bass). They’ve been playing together in this outfit for a little less than a year.

Enjoy the comp track here: