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TK The Architect walks a fine line, or a crossroad somewhere between Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop music. The kid from New York released his album Blue Season last year which was welcoming mixture of feel good vibes which had him backed by the Getback Kids. The album remains a favorite and now the ever evolving Architect takes a different approach now, sharing “Floor,” with altered vocals over beautiful instrumentation but keeping true to his roots that keeps his tree fruitful. TK The Architect says, “It’s a further evolution of the sound I cultivated on ‘Felt,’ another single he released at the tail end of 2016.

I’ve been trying to focus on a couple of different things but life is just sometimes much too busy for to get everything done when you’d like to.  So what do you do? Well, Just go ahead and “Get Down” when you can. See what I did there? That’s my lead in to this week’s action and what we’re discussing. I caught up with another friend of mine here, Chris Purrison, also known as Quest The Unbornchild, my fellow music, movie and book nerd who sometimes doubles as a rapper. From the desert to the coast, on The Get Down, and other miscellaneous shit. (please excuse the technical difficulties)

A few weeks back I headed out to S.O.B.’s in lower Manhattan to catch the debut performance of the hip-hop, Brazilian funk, soul band, Brookzill. Though not in anyway new to the music world, Brookzill comprises some of the most renown figures of hip-hop. DJ Prince Paul the architect of production for acts like Stetsasonic, De La Soul, Gravediggaz…yeah you get the picture, Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets, Don Newkirk, of Funk City and the voice of many memorable drops and interludes from some of the most classic hip-hop albums and Rodrigo Brandão, of Gorila Urbano.

The rain had just fallen and washed the streets for their premiere and Ladybug finished the blessing by laying smoke all around the stage.  It was a dope sight to see all of these spirits play, sing and dance together. The music pulls on your soul, it’s feel good music!  You can’t help to nod your head or move that body, either way Brookzill will rock your world.

Individually the members bring unique experiences to the band that collectively are a throwback to the future!!! You like what I did there?

Check out some images from the show and get the album “Throwback to the Future” out now on Tommy Boy entertainment.

All images taken by John Arambulo, if you use any give props, or I’ll put a spell on you… IG: mindstate_dubplates_ixl

No matter what genre, everyone knows Kool Keith. He’s been a staple in Hip Hop since the 80s in Ultramagnetic MCs he founded and then later with his multiple solo projects like Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom and Diesel Truckers to name a few. After releasing over 20 albums he’s on the cusp of dropping his newest, Feature Magnetic on Mello Music Group. Tonight. At midnight. It features a who’s who of Hip Hop like Sadat X, Psycho Les, Slug of Atmosphere, MF Doom, Bumpy Knuckles and many others.

Here he drops his video for “World Wide Lamper (feat. B.a.R.S. Murre & Dirt Nasty)” directed by Nicholaus Goossen.



1. Intro
2. Stratocaster (feat. Godfather Don)
3. MC Voltron (feat. Craig G)
4. Super Hero (feat. MF DOOM)
5. World Wide Lamper (feat. B.A.R.S. Murre & Dirt Nasty)
6. Bragging Rights (feat. Psycho Les of The Beatnuts)
7. Girl Grab (feat. Necro)
8. Bonneville (feat. Mac Mall)
9. Tired (feat. Ed O.G.)
10. Cold Freezer (feat. Bumpy Knuckles)
11. Peer Pressure (feat. Slug of Atmosphere)
12. Life (feat. Sadat X)
13. Writers (fear. Ras Kass)
14. Cheesecake (Bonus Track)

Czarface Share New Track Destined To Appear On Marvel’s Black Panther Revival & Forthcoming Czarface album Fistful Of Peril

Marvel Comics continues to present this year’s breakout Marvel Super Hero – the Black Panther – through a monthly video series that continues to link the world of comics and hip-hop blending animated comics along with commentary from Black Panther writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Additionally, “Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet – Part Five” is launching the brand new track, “All In Together Now” by Czarface.

Czarface began as a collaborative project between Boston’s Esoteric & 7L and Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck. The project has turned into a musical beast of its own with fans clamoring for more of what the trio brings: gritty Hip-Hop done with an abundance of flavor.

Within Marvel Comics’ Black Panther, written by The Atlantic national correspondent and National Book Award winner, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Black Pantherconfronts a dramatic upheaval in Wakanda that will make leading the African nation tougher than ever before! When a superhuman terrorist group calling itself The People sparks a violent uprising, the land famed for its incredible technology and proud warrior traditions will be thrown into turmoil. If Wakanda is to survive, it must adapt — but can its monarch, one in a long line of Black Panthers, survive the necessary change?

Continuing the excitement surrounding Marvel’s celebrated Super Hero T’Challa, the Black Panther, the latest episode of this revolutionary multi-artist hip-hop-inspired video series samples a brand new track, “All In Together Now” by Czarface.

“The backbone of Hip-Hop is its authenticity, its realness, yet magically it blends with the escapism of superheroes seamlessly, and the regal Black Panther is a perfect vessel for them to combine,” said Esoteric of Czarface.



The members of Adhoc are of a different…sort. What begins as a soft and sweet track that you expect nothing more than a crooning vocal subsequently derails your train of thought when those lyricists drop quick-tongued wit from what sounds like all members. That’s what happens when you listen to the track “Paradise Loft,” you want to get lost in it all.


Here at the GhettoBlaster lab we are always excited to bring you something exclusive and banging! Straight out of the old north state emcee Rapper Shane and producer Ducko Mcfli premiere their new EP “Too Busy To Be This Broke”.

Who says North Carolina can’t produce quality hip-hop? All you need to do is let this EP rock and you’ll be vibing out to the swagged out production and clever wordplay Shane and Mcfli have to offer! The 5 track EP plays out as further evidence that NC is not to be slept on. So sit back, chill and get your head nod on!

Straight out of LA by way of El Paso, TX emcee Artson premieres his latest video “The Block” – a dope banger that represents for both the new and the old school hip-hop heads. Thumping beats and fiery flows is the right amount of art you need son!!!

Brace yourself for 3 upcoming projects dropping by Artson in the next 3 months!!!

Reverse Through Time (out March 4th) is a look back into the street life he once lived, now told to heal old wounds and make amends. War Cry (out April 8th) reflects a man in transition, awaking to a greater purpose through Hip Hop, but still walking the narrow line between his street life past and his dream of a better future. On E.A.R.T.H. (out May 6th), Artson brings us full circle, reconnecting to the spirit of his ancestors and bringing them back to life through Hip Hop, owning his place in the world, and standing tall with his Native brothers to claim their place in Hip Hop history.”

Emcee Alexei Moon Casselle (Crescent Moon) and producer Stephen Lewis (Anatomy)  are Kill The Vulture and drop the new Carnelian.

It’s been six years since the release of the duo’s Ecce Beast and according to City Pages, ” Kill the Vultures’ new release, Carnelian, should prove to be the hip-hop duo’s most ambitious, bizarre, musical, and brilliant record to date.”

I think they may be right. Listen to Kill The Vultures Carnelian here: