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Doomsday Student is Eric Paul, Stephen Mattos, Craig Kureck, and Paul Vieira. Made up of members from bands such as Arab on Radar, The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton, and Chrome Jackson, one should not be particularly surprised by the level of dissonance, mania, and peculiarity thoughtfully melded into every layer of the music, from unsettling lyrics to hysteric guitars and irregular rhythms. Obnoxious to those who seek the obvious but beloved by many others, the band has made comrades of and played with Retox, Guerilla Toss, Child Bite, White Mice, Head Wound City, and Graf Orlok, among many others.

The video for “The First Trip” (below) was directed by Planchette and stars J.M. Wyland, A.M. Ticaric, and T. Giles.

This single is off of Doomsday Student’s newest LP, A Self-Help Tragedy, which was released by Three One G Records on vinyl/digitally and through Skin Graft Records in CD format on December 2.

(Visit Doomsday Student here: http://doomsdaystudent.com/.)

Issue 26

Guys! It’s issue number 26! Just like always, it’s jam-packed with musical goodness. And some other kinds of goodness too.

Superchunk is the big feature to check out this time around, but there are also pieces about Pharoahe Monch, Arab On Radar, Marnie Stern, Les Savy Fav, The Queers, No Age, Swans, Oval and Walking Dead.

Rock and roll, bitches.

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