Song Premiere: Cricketbows, “Sympathy For The Devil” (The Rolling Stones cover)



Dayton’s psychedelically-tinged songsters Cricketbows will release Diamonds, the fourthcollection to bear the band’s name, but the first release to feature the full live band on June 19 via Mosquito Hawk Exquisite Recordings. With the new band came a shift toward a more cohesive, classic rock sound brought to life by vocalist/guitarist Chad Wells, female co-lead vocalist, flutist and multi-Instrumentalist Aarika Watson, lead guitarist Michael Bisig, bassist Christopher Corn and drummer Jim Ingram.

Diamonds, produced and engineered by Brian Olive, is Cricketbow’s most cohesive and linear work.  With a stronger focus on song structure, composition, guitar and vocal interplay and a return to a natural sound inspired by their predecessors, the album is pure Cricketbows, but also brings to mind the parts of Jefferson Airplane, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Fleetwood Mac, X, early Jane’s Addiction, Nirvana, Mother Love Bone and sits nicely alongside modern-era psych-centric acts like Black Mountain, Sleepy Sun, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Buffalo Killers and The Black Keys.

Diamonds isn’t a concept album but it’s a conceptual album. It talks about duality, non-duality, alchemy, psychology, psychopharmacology, metaphysics and growing up in Ohio in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. Real guitars and drums and real live vocal performances, played by real people with real emotion on real instruments into a real reel to reel tape machine.

Today Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of sharing their cover of The Rolling Stones controversial classic “Sympathy For The Devil,” which is appropriate as The Rolling Stones are on tour right now. The cover is an epic reimagining of the classic Stones tune, which you can enjoy below:

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