Video Premiere: Corner Suns “The Rattle In The Room”

Merging neo-psyche and baroque pop influences, along with sharp songwriting, the Dallas-based duo Corner Suns captivate those who are fans of artists such as The Zombies, Magnetic Fields, and The Shins. Corner Suns – John Dufilho (The Apples In Stereo, The Deathray Davies) and Brandon Carr (The Earlies) – released their self-titled debut in January; memorable vocals and pop hooks … Continue reading Video Premiere: Corner Suns “The Rattle In The Room”

Song Premiere: TOMA, “Lights On In The Kitchen”

(Photo by Connor Beitel) The story of TOMA is one of self-discovery, with four men from Austin, Texas joining forces in search of their own unique place in the musical firmament. Keyboard/vocalist Waldo Wittenmyer, drummer Jake Hiebert, bassist Neil Byers, and guitarist/vocalist Willy Jay are a true collective, with each gentleman playing an integral role in every musical decision they make. With … Continue reading Song Premiere: TOMA, “Lights On In The Kitchen”

Video Premiere: TASTY, “Witching Hour”

TASTY (Ian Graham, Jay Sparrow) is a young two piece trash pop outfit from Columbus, Ohio, taking cues from the whole of traditional rock and roll. Traces of almost every modern era from mid ’50s teen rockers, ’60s girl group chants and ’70s three chord punk purity can be found imprinted on short bursts of concentrated energy being ricochet off … Continue reading Video Premiere: TASTY, “Witching Hour”

Ghettoblaster Friday Roll Out! Album Dropped 3/17/17

It’s pretty redundant to say music is ubiquitous because, well, you know, everyone’s heard at least one song in their lifetime. There’s a lot of unoriginal, reworked styles of music and plundered melodies that some artists blatantly lift from others and call their own. It’s the same with television and films, as the idiot box turns box office smashes into … Continue reading Ghettoblaster Friday Roll Out! Album Dropped 3/17/17

AJ Davila Shares New Video “17”

The Puerto Rico native AJ Davila has been a staple of underground rock in both the States and Latino culture. He’ll soon arrive with his second album, El Futuro, dropping on Cinco de Mayo (Discos Panoram). After sharing the first single “Beautiful” a few months back, today he shares the video for the second single “17.” No matter what language … Continue reading AJ Davila Shares New Video “17”

The One With God Talk

The One With God Talk Every week Ghettoblaster feature writers (and dear cousins!) Brian LaBenne and Luke LaBenne bring you fresh new songs with the hopes of introducing you to some that you may consider to be the best song ever.  Both Brian and Luke have no idea what songs the other has picked, so what you are hearing is their genuine reaction to listening to … Continue reading The One With God Talk

Sadistik Shares Shares Video “Free Spirits”

Earlier this year emcee Sadistik announced he signed to Equal Vision Records. Now while the straight-edged hardcore label is well known for its releases of such seminal albums by the likes of Coheed And Cambria, Circa Survive and Shelter, Sadistik isn’t out of place here. He released the video for the first single “Free Spirits” off of his forthcoming album … Continue reading Sadistik Shares Shares Video “Free Spirits”

Throwback Thursday With Jaguwar

If you thought the “Shoegaze” genre died at the tail end of the 90’s you’d be dead wrong. The relatively unknown Jaguwar creates music that…well, literally blisters through sensors with walls of guitar, deep rhythms and gorgeous melodies. The group’s own biography is short, straight to the point and leaves off where influences ceased to exist: “Three people fell in love … Continue reading Throwback Thursday With Jaguwar

Oxbow Shares Video for New Track “Cold & Well-Lit Place”

Recent news of Oxbow‘s seventh album, Thin Black Duke (Hydra Head, Out May 5th) was met with much anticipation, and now the group shares its first audiovisual insight into the record, in the form of a new video for “Cold & Well-Lit Place” directed by Chris Purdie Over the 30 years of Oxbow’s operations, no one has come comfortably close to classifying the Bay Area … Continue reading Oxbow Shares Video for New Track “Cold & Well-Lit Place”

Just Being Honest; An interview with Reservoir

Loss, anxiety and change are inevitable parts of the human experience. Some react with flexibility, but for most, these are a source of chaos, despair, and eventually growth and understanding. When Pennsylvania quartet Reservoir began writing Mirage Sower, their forthcoming LP for Glory Kid Ltd. the band was putting this experience on record. The result is a relentless combination of … Continue reading Just Being Honest; An interview with Reservoir