G Flip Shares Empowering Single “I Am Not Afraid”

It feels as is Melbourne-based singer Gerogia Flipo (G Flip is her music moniker) can do nothing wrong.  She’s a drummer, producer, singer, and all around multi-talented.  What can be added to G Flip’s resume is that she is one of the shining examples of self-empowerment.  Her latest single “I Am Not Afraid” is everything that is needed to be heard from those who struggle to find the strength within them. 

Towering, unapologetic, and resilient, G Flip understands the importance of feeling that you are mentality untouchable.  “Everyone has roadblocks in life, tough situations that are hard to get through and the only way to overcome them are to say “I Am Not Afraid”. Whether it’s getting out of a toxic relationship, coming out to your family or getting bullied. Life throws shit at you and you have to be brave. You have to stand tall and rise above it,” says G Flip.