Femi Kuti shares “Na Their Way Be That” off One People One World

Femi Kuti, son of legendary heart and soul of Afrobeat Fela Kuti, releases the second track “Na Their Way Be That” off his forthcoming album One People One World out February 23rd on Knitting Factory Records.

“Na Their Way Be That,” says Femi “is an easy explanation as to why some people act in a negative way. It’s just their nature and it explains why they should be ignored.” This new album is political but, for the first time, there are love songs and celebrations of our common humanity. “Yes, the music is more uplifting, more optimistic,” Femi says. “I’m a father and I love my kids, so I want to give the younger generation a message of hope. Despite all our problems, we can create greatness in our lives.”


  • Mabinuori Kayode IDOWU aka ID

    A country is at its best when the bonds between her people are strong and when the sense of national purpose is clear. Today the challenges facing Africa are immense. Our economy is overwhelmed by debt, our social fabric is practically non-existent and our political system has betrayed the people. But these problems can be overcome if we pull together and work together. If we remember that we are