Zimby Mojo Review

ZIMBY MOJO (Devious Weasel Games) Being a Zimby is to hunger. To hunger to rule. To hunger for magical powers. To hunger for the flesh of your fellow Zimbies. Everyone agrees that the king has outlived his use. Not everyone agrees who should replace him. Now you must lead your tribe of ferocious warriors into his compound, working with the others … Continue reading Zimby Mojo Review

Blood Bowl Review

BLOOD BOWL (Games Workshop) Are you adequately prepared for some fantasy football?! Let’s hope so, because Games Workshop has released the long awaited update to one of its most popular specialty games, Blood Bowl. In this game, players field their own football teams comprised of races from the Warhammer Fantasy setting. Aelves (elves), dwarves, orcs, and Skaven (rat-men) each have their own … Continue reading Blood Bowl Review

Dragoon Review

DRAGOON (Lay Waste Games) For centuries you and your fellow dragons have rested peacefully on your remote island. Now, hordes of humans have started invading, building their villages and cities. It’s awoken something long slumbering in you. A desire for gold. A desire for power. If these insignificant men won’t give it willingly, then you will take it anyway and leave them … Continue reading Dragoon Review

Eschaton Review

ESCHATON (Archon Games) There is no hope left for this world. Fanatics and acolytes run the street. Civilized religion has collapsed into cults of primal fear and aggression. Monsters and gods awaken to loose havoc. There is no hope left other than to embrace Armageddon’s arrival. The end is upon us, brothers and sisters. Join me! A deck-building meets dudes-on-a-map … Continue reading Eschaton Review

Vikings on Board Review

VIKINGS ON BOARD (Blue Orange Games) Take control of the harbor and send your ships out to sea, filled with supplies (or at least gamble correctly on who else will be so fortunate) as clans compete for power in Vikings on Board! For this game, players take turns over seven or more rounds selecting from the 11 available actions at … Continue reading Vikings on Board Review

The Networks Review

THE NETWORKS (Formal Ferret) From just filling the timeslots on cable access to landing ad spots for the country’s latest hit crime show, The Networks puts you at the head of programming. Will you bring in viewers by signing the biggest stars to host your sports shows or by developing large budget dramas or by unifying programming around a single … Continue reading The Networks Review

Age of Conan Review

AGE OF CONAN (Ares Games) Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian inhabits a world completely void of the mundane. The rippling muscled champion set off on scores of adventures filled with treacherous villains, mesmerizing beauties, the fury of the wild, high-stakes politicking, countless treasure and much more. Tattered paperbacks transport readers to the heart of this swarm of sword and … Continue reading Age of Conan Review

Dungeon of Fortune review

DUNGEON OF FORTUNE (Tasty Minstrel Games) I am a big fan of the dungeon crawler genre of tabletop games. Anything involving fantasy races and classes like dwarves or mages usually tickles my fancy. If I had my druthers, there would probably only be two themes for board games: fantasy and sci-fi. So it was with great delight that I accepted the … Continue reading Dungeon of Fortune review

5 Awesome Scenario-Based Board Games You Have To Try

One of the biggest gripes hobby board gamers have about games like Monopoly is the so-called “roll and move” mechanic. I roll a die or two and move that number of spaces. Around and around the board we go in perpetuity, leaving the length of each movement entirely up to chance. The games I’ve listed here are some of the … Continue reading 5 Awesome Scenario-Based Board Games You Have To Try

Tiny Epic Western Review

TINY EPIC WESTERN (Gamelyn Games) Well, howdy there, partner. You ain’t from around these here parts, are ya? Well, saddle up. We’re gunna talk about Gamelyn Games’ new one, Tiny Epic Western. I’ve been a fan of the “Tiny Epic” series for quite a while now. These are small-box games that play in a half hour and have surprising depth … Continue reading Tiny Epic Western Review