Video Premiere

Video Premiere: Ghost Twin, “Plastic Heart”

Photo by Karen Asher Winnipeg-based industrial synthpop duo, Ghost Twin premiere their new video for “Plastic Heart,” which features a goth gym replete cult-like imagery, black attire, and Merlot, via Ghettoblaster today. “Plastic Heart” is the second single and title track from Ghost Twin’s upcoming debut LP out May 19. The album was produced by Maya Postepski (Princess Century, Austra, … Continue reading Video Premiere: Ghost Twin, “Plastic Heart”

Video Premiere: LegSweep Specialist “Money”

“Money is power, freedom, a cushion, the root of all evil, the sum of blessings.” Carl Sandburg Whatever we like it or not, money controls all of our lives.  Cutting their teeth in the underground since the 90’s, North Carolina based duo LegSweep Specialist (emcee Fuzz Jaxx and emcee/producer Sam Brown) know this all too well.  In their single “Money”, … Continue reading Video Premiere: LegSweep Specialist “Money”

Video Premiere: WVWHITE “Truth Is New”

The indie rock being pumped out in the 90s should unquestionably be considered as one of the best times in music. The constant hearty flow of bands surging onto the scene allowed fans to take stock and witness greatness unfolding before them. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, WVWhite’s own Tyler Trent was able to fully get the opportunity to immerse … Continue reading Video Premiere: WVWHITE “Truth Is New”

Video Premiere: Company Man “Floor Machine”

If you want to be swimming in millions of dollars, you got to be a hustler.  That means networking with the big dogs of the Fortune 500 companies, closing the deals that are presented to you, etc.  Now if you are one that wants to cut their teeth in making money the shortest way possibly-follow the blueprint that Company Man … Continue reading Video Premiere: Company Man “Floor Machine”

Video Premiere: Lovely Bad Things, “Hiding To Nothing”

The legend of Lovely Bad Things began in an eerily boring town called La Mirada which is nestled between Los Angeles and Orange County, a fitting place for a band to find solace in music. Brothers Camron (guitar, vocals) and Brayden Ward (drums, vocals) met Lauren Curtius (guitar, vocals), Tim Hatch (guitar) and Wesley Baxter (bass) during their formative years, … Continue reading Video Premiere: Lovely Bad Things, “Hiding To Nothing”

Video Premiere: That One Eyed Kid, “Burn Out Right”

That One Eyed Kid is the moniker of Josh Friedman, a Boston-based independent songwriter, performer, and producer. Building from a soulful vocal performance, synth pop production, and delicate layers of acoustic and electronic instruments, T1EK’s songs are about embracing our deepest insecurities and holding them up to the light. Until 2012 Josh was the keyboardist for the pop/rock band The … Continue reading Video Premiere: That One Eyed Kid, “Burn Out Right”

Sixo Premieres Video For “John Connor (feat. Gregory Pepper)”

Producer/musical innovator Sixo premieres the video today for “John Connor” which features singer Gregory Pepper.  Former professional motocross racer Scotty Trimble, known as Sixo,  is set to release his third full-length studio album, The Odds of Free Will, dropping 421/17 on Fake Four Inc. This time around though, he’s included a number of indie rap giants, aside from Gregory Pepper, like … Continue reading Sixo Premieres Video For “John Connor (feat. Gregory Pepper)”

Video Premiere: Seasaw, “Party”

Seasaw is Eve Wilczewski and Meg Golz, who are the sea and saw respectively. The Madison, Wisconsin, duo Seasaw released their charismatic and vulnerable sophomore LP, Too Much Of A Good Thing, in July of 2016. The eleven songs combine commanding instrumentation, intricate harmonies, and refreshing wit. Fate and a small-town restaurant in Freeport, Illinois, brought them together for the … Continue reading Video Premiere: Seasaw, “Party”

Video Premiere: Jet Rodriguez “Self Preservation”

Detroit-based Jet Rodriguez (real name Cameron Navetta) wrote his first song at the ripe age of eight.  At the age of eighteen, Navetta recorded his first album to critical and internet praise from all over the world.  The songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist will be releasing his latest album Self Preservation on March 31st. Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere the video for the song … Continue reading Video Premiere: Jet Rodriguez “Self Preservation”

Video Premiere: Corner Suns “The Rattle In The Room”

Merging neo-psyche and baroque pop influences, along with sharp songwriting, the Dallas-based duo Corner Suns captivate those who are fans of artists such as The Zombies, Magnetic Fields, and The Shins. Corner Suns – John Dufilho (The Apples In Stereo, The Deathray Davies) and Brandon Carr (The Earlies) – released their self-titled debut in January; memorable vocals and pop hooks … Continue reading Video Premiere: Corner Suns “The Rattle In The Room”