Video Premiere

Video Premiere: Drew Danburry, “Yosuke Kubozuka”

Drew Danburry is a singer-songwriter who has played live shows around the world and released records independently since 2002. In 2011, he opened the Danburry Barber Shop in downtown Provo, Utah, where he currently works full time as a barber. To date, he’s toured and played with many different bands such as Deer Tick, Neon Trees, Joshua James, Say Anything, … Continue reading Video Premiere: Drew Danburry, “Yosuke Kubozuka”

Video Premiere: Cas One, “The Get Down”

On October 29, 2013, the landscape of indie hip-hop changes forever with the release of Cas One’s The Monster and the Wishing Well, a 16-track opus that defies the traditional definition of hip-hop and gives it a fresh meaning. Cas One is working tirelessly to establish himself as lyrical wrecking ball capable of spitting with the best of them. He’s … Continue reading Video Premiere: Cas One, “The Get Down”

Video Premiere: Missionaries, “Cliff”

Hope For the Tape Deck  are set to release Demo EP, the latest from Missionaries, a band that features members of Eternal Summers and The Young Sinclairs.  The band has shared the video for “Cliff” from the release with Ghettoblaster.  The video was produced by Lurid Pictures, and written and directed by Wade Vanover.  Here it is for your enjoyment: … Continue reading Video Premiere: Missionaries, “Cliff”

Video Premiere: Wild Decade, “Nearsighted”

Wild Decade are a melodic post-punk band based in New York City and San Francisco, led by songwriters Phil Maves and Dan Leech. Their full-length debut LP, Conductor, is Wild Decade’s first release since changing their name from Bad Bibles. Conductor‘s 11 songs clock in at just 35 minutes, and Wild Decade get right to the point with assertive melodies, weirdly catchy riffs, and … Continue reading Video Premiere: Wild Decade, “Nearsighted”

Video Premiere: Death Valley Rally, “Come On”

It doesn’t seem that long ago when bands like The Lilys, Velocity Girl, The Ropers, Unrest, and the labels Slumberland and Teenbeat Records were showcasing some great indiepop/shoegaze from the Virginia and Washington DC areas.  Those key players along with others, no doubt influenced a generation of future musicians.  Not surprisingly – Norfolk, VA/ Washington DC based quartet Death Valley … Continue reading Video Premiere: Death Valley Rally, “Come On”

Video Premiere: Hyrrokkin, “Astrionics”

In support of their upcoming debut album Pristine Origin, packaged alongside the bonus remix album Inspire Rioting (featuring remixes of album tracks done by the likes of KK Null, James Plotkin, Kid Millions, Jenks Miller, Jerry Busher of Fugazi and more), instrumental power-trio Hyrrokkin have premiered the trippy new official video for “Astrionics” here, at Ghettoblaster! Order your copy of … Continue reading Video Premiere: Hyrrokkin, “Astrionics”

Video Premiere: Nick Raven, “Love”

The debut album Love and Lomography by fast-rising young New Zealand troubadour Nick Raven is due for release on August 27 on Custom Made Music. Evoking a sun-soaked, psychedelic fantasia, Love and Lomography will keep your summer glow shimmering for the rest of the year. Nick Raven is only 19 and his name may be relatively new but he already … Continue reading Video Premiere: Nick Raven, “Love”

Video Premiere: UNKIND, “Kentoon Tapetut”

Finland’s UNKIND’s second album for Relapse, Pelon Juuret, continues in the darkened direction of their Relapse debut. Furious d-beat hardcore crossed with a highly creative touch of atmospherics — as if Mogwai made a record of Tragedy cover, or From Ashes Rise were influenced by Explosions In The Sky. UNKIND have taken a tried and true formula (pissed off vocals, monster … Continue reading Video Premiere: UNKIND, “Kentoon Tapetut”