Video Power: Eluvium – The Motion Makes Me Last

Artist: Eluvium Song: “The Motion Makes Me Last” (from the album Similes) Eluvium is known for his signature ambient drones and soundtrack-esque climactic instrumentals. Similes is his first foray into using vocals and percussion in his music and, if you ask me, it’s working for him. Paired up with a crisp, single-shot, panning landscape of his hometown of Portland, Oregon, … Continue reading Video Power: Eluvium – The Motion Makes Me Last

Video Power: Pelican – Final Breath

Artist: Pelican Song: “Final Breath” (from the album What We All Come To Need) Heavy on the art direction, light on the storyline. Probably how all music videos should be. Also, who’s a little weirded out hearing vocals in a Pelican song? It sounds great so I’m not complaining, but whoa!