Song Premiere

Song Premiere: PALACES “Chocolate”

Detroit-based rock duo PALACES released a slew of singles over the past two years that contained pulsing 80s new wave with droney vocals and lo-fi shoegaze.  The tracks were just the start of the bigger picture with PALACES; on February 17th, the band will be releasing their long-anticipated album New Hollywood Emotion. The single off of New Hollywood Emotion “Chocolate” … Continue reading Song Premiere: PALACES “Chocolate”

Brahm Shares Single “Lobotronix”

On January 18th, 2016, Washington, D.C. musician Brahm (born Chaz Barber) posted a cryptic message on Facebook: “Rebirth”.  Following that post, Brahm posted pictures with nothing tied to them: a classic cat keyboard scratcher, a box full of floppy disks, and his logo.  The anticipation was crippling for Brahm’s fans; all of them enquiring to find out what was happening.  … Continue reading Brahm Shares Single “Lobotronix”

Song Premiere: Sami Wolf, “Driving 90”

Chicago-based Sami Wolf doesn’t need any gimmicks to sell her raw blend of acoustic rap. She knows that just showing up is enough to set a precedence. “I don’t think there’s been another Jewish-addict- lesbian rapper so I’m trying to be the first to arrive at that party.” Yes, she is gay. Most of her debut, See You on The … Continue reading Song Premiere: Sami Wolf, “Driving 90”

Song Premiere: Adrian Cohen, “People Watching”

17-year-old calendar-counting savant and artist Adrian Cohen is gearing up to release his third LP, This Is School.  He eats 200 cantaloupes a year, he says, and his whimsical, piano and synth-laden songs are the epitome of honesty and earnestness. The new LP, out March 3, is a fresh and quirky collection of eccentric piano-pop. The first of his albums to heavily feature electric guitar, This … Continue reading Song Premiere: Adrian Cohen, “People Watching”

Song Premiere: Abertooth Lincoln, “20 Minutes of Action”

Photo by Jennifer Taylor Abertooth Lincoln have released the stream of their new song “20 Minutes Of Action” (listen below). The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP Selling the Urban Ideal, which was released on January 13. You can purchase the EP here. The band’s James Lampe had this to say about it: “‘20 Minutes of Action’ is our message … Continue reading Song Premiere: Abertooth Lincoln, “20 Minutes of Action”

Song Premiere: The Gods Themselves, “So Hot”

Since the early 2000s, band members Astra Elane, Collin O’Meara, and Dustin Patterson have all been active in the Pacific Northwest’s live music scene. Now as members of TGT, they each contribute a unique imprint of perceptions, passions and life experiences shaping a sound that echoes of ’80s dance beats, raw, angular guitars and art-punk aplomb. Exuding a new wave … Continue reading Song Premiere: The Gods Themselves, “So Hot”

Jumbotron Shares “Whiskey Vinaigrette”

A musical amalgam of each member’s playlists, Jumbotron (husband/wife duo Ben Lebovitz and Regina Shvartsman) serve up tracks that possess elements of dance punk, art-rock, electro-rap and some WTF?!? Midi moments. Lebovitz writes most of the music as well as sings and plays guitar/bass. Shvartsman who is an accomplished musician, plays keyboards and sometimes adds Yoko style vocals in the … Continue reading Jumbotron Shares “Whiskey Vinaigrette”

Song Premiere: Brother Oliver, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

Brother Oliver is a South Carolina based folk-rock band that’s picking up some steam. Their Christmas single, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is an alternative take on a haunting, yet classic Christmas narrative. The brothers use timeless subject matter and create a hypnotic sing-along, mixed with elements of psych-rock and funk rhythms—something entirely new for the holiday season. RIYL: Dawes, My Morning … Continue reading Song Premiere: Brother Oliver, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

Song Premiere: Ryan Oxford, “Flashes Of Rage”

Portland by-way-of Ohio musician Ryan Oxford creates music that is raw, optimistic in its openness on Fa Fa Fa Fired, which will be released January 27 via Mama Bird Recording Co.  Portland was the perfect place for him to have found his footing and allowed him to bring on Christian Blunda (Mean Jeans, Patsy’s Rats), Nick Dewitt (Pretty Girls Make Graves), Scott … Continue reading Song Premiere: Ryan Oxford, “Flashes Of Rage”

Song Premiere: Planet B, “Attractive Mammals” (remix)

San Diego-based project Planet B is Justin Pearson (The Locust, Head Wound City, Dead Cross, Retox), Gabe Serbian (The Locust, Head Wound City, Dead Cross, Zu), and Luke Henshaw (Sonido de la Frontera, First Power Crew).  The three have worked together in varying capacities over the years, but began working together more extensively for their contributions to the soundtrack of … Continue reading Song Premiere: Planet B, “Attractive Mammals” (remix)