Song Premiere

Song Premiere: Phar\os, “Runaway”

Earlier this week Ghettoblaster caught up with half of the dudes from Phar\os to discuss their forthcoming debut record.  Citing influences from Radiohead to Alt-J, Portland, Maine’s indie rock four-piece Phar\os brings classic indie rock vibes to the table with The World Unfolds and I am Falling Under, set to be unveiled November 5. With studies in music accenting their songwriting pedigrees, Phar\os music is carefully … Continue reading Song Premiere: Phar\os, “Runaway”

Song Premiere: The Nightbeast, “Paid & Rowdy”

The Nightbeast are giving away their rock-oriented song, “Paid & Rowdy” at their Facebook page.  Take a minute to download it and have it forever:!/thenightbeast?sk=app_2405167945&app_data.  A video for “Paid & Rowdy” is coming in the next few weeks.  Additional information forthcoming. It’s all but a confirmed scientific fact: It is impossible to be sad or depressed when you’re anywhere near … Continue reading Song Premiere: The Nightbeast, “Paid & Rowdy”

Song Premiere: The Blues and Greys, “Lost Lines”

Growing up in rural Northern California, The Blues and Greys’ Lindsey Waldon was raised as the daughter of a working jazz singer. Waldon quickly followed in her steps. Her pursuit and passion of all things musical included ten years of classical piano, five years of trumpet, three years of bass lessons. By the time she was twelve, she discovered punk … Continue reading Song Premiere: The Blues and Greys, “Lost Lines”

Song Premiere: Happy Fangs “Lion Inside You” (Return To Mono remix)

San Francisco’s Happy Fangs are an art punk duo whose ferocious presence, and raw attitude can be heard on their self-titled debut, which dropped on October 1. The duo, which consists of vocalist Rebecca Bortman and Michael Cobra (guitar/drum machine) both come from visual design backgrounds, though musically the two come from opposite ends of the spectrum. Outside of Happy … Continue reading Song Premiere: Happy Fangs “Lion Inside You” (Return To Mono remix)

Song Premiere: Kris N “Christmas Tree”

  Indie-informed, accessible and fun as hell, Kris N’s Thankful Parade is a heartfelt, power pop journey into modern, Thirty-something domestic bliss.  And it is set to drop on November 1 via Poptek Records.  Recorded and engineered by Micah Carli (of Hawthorne Heights) the record is more contagious than a persistent case of the giggles. Kris N offered Ghettoblaster proof and encouraged us to … Continue reading Song Premiere: Kris N “Christmas Tree”

Song Premiere: Dot Dash, “Bloom/Decay”

Washington D.C.’s Dot Dash, a band that features ex-members of Julie Ocean, The Saturday People (Slumberland label), Swervedriver (Creation), and Youth Brigade (Dischord) are set to release their third album in less than two years. The 10-track Half-Remembered Dream, out this month, was preceded by Winter Garden Light (released in September 2012) and spark>flame>ember>ash (released in September 2011) – all on … Continue reading Song Premiere: Dot Dash, “Bloom/Decay”

Song Premiere: Challenger, “Science of a Seizure”

Challenger recently sent us a track to share here at Ghettoblaster.  “Science of a Seizure) will be on their 2014 sophomore LP Back To Bellevue, but for now, they’ve released it to go along with the debut of the trailer for feature-length film Not Waving But Drowning, set to the song. Challenger – “Science of a Seizure”: Fun fact: Challenger was born … Continue reading Song Premiere: Challenger, “Science of a Seizure”

Song Premiere: Terrible Feelings, “I Don’t Even Know You”

Terrible Feelings from Malmö, Sweden have existed since fall 2009.  As many great bands have, they sprung out of late parties, punk rock, pop, and friendship.  To date, the friendship has yielded three 7”s and one full length album. Perhaps you recognize them from one of their five full European tours and two U.S. tours (one on each coast), during … Continue reading Song Premiere: Terrible Feelings, “I Don’t Even Know You”