Song Premiere

Song Premiere: Punch Punch Kick, “Swimming”

When all you need to make a pop record is a computer, there’s something rebellious about pouring bubble gum out of nickel wound strings. Los Angeles power pop wunderkinds Punch Punch Kick have spent the first five years of their existence carving off every shred of fat from their songs, leaving behind nothing but lean hooks and youthful lyrics planted … Continue reading Song Premiere: Punch Punch Kick, “Swimming”

Song Premiere: Phoebe Nir, “Holy Water”

Phoebe Nir graduated from Brown University in 2014 with a degree in Writing for Performance. She has been received at the White House by Barack Obama as a Presidential Scholar of the Arts in Writing, and was nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize for Literary Fiction. Her work in musical theatre has been showcased in New York City at Joe’s … Continue reading Song Premiere: Phoebe Nir, “Holy Water”

Song Premiere: Dead Posey, “Freak Show”

Befitting their handle, Dead Posey is fascinated by what lies beyond, their music exploring the nature of mortality through both waking life and dreams. But while the Los Angeles duo’s lyrics lean toward the metaphysical, its debut EP, Freak Show, is a raucous, fuzz-loaded collection of back-to-basics rock ‘n’ roll. Singer Danielle Souza’s inspired vocals blend seamlessly with guitarist Kyle Foster’s muddy, blown-out riffs in this vibrant, … Continue reading Song Premiere: Dead Posey, “Freak Show”

Song Premiere: Skylines, “Unfold”

Chicago’s Skylines is getting ready for the summer with their latest “Unfold,” which Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of sharing today. The song was produced by Joe Scaletta at Word of Mouth Studios. The band will be performing tonight at Evolution Music in Chicago, IL, to help kick off the “Hot Mulligan and Belmont” tour. Stream the single below: (Visit Skylines at: Facebook: … Continue reading Song Premiere: Skylines, “Unfold”

Song Premiere: Great Woods, “Strange Times in the City”

Great Woods is the band that lives inside of Eric Ryrie’s head. Ryrie lives in Brooklyn. His songs are built on strong melodies and intricate arrangements that are executed with a seasoned precision, honed by years of live performance and dedication to his craft. Strange Lives, due out June 23, is the first release from Great Woods. It was written, … Continue reading Song Premiere: Great Woods, “Strange Times in the City”

Song Premiere: PANICKER, “Parties”

Beginning with a music career in San Diego which included titles of distinction such as cross-dressing dancer for Optiganally Yours, drums for Thingy, Followers, and Goblin Cock, bass for Alpha Males and, simply, “everything” in Schlag-Schlag, Brent Asbury has experience in most musical areas and genres. Since his time in California, he took up producing and engineering at his current … Continue reading Song Premiere: PANICKER, “Parties”

Song Premiere: Swarming Branch, “Laid Back and Practical”

Photo by Adam Nedrow Swarming Branch is a band engaged in three seemingly disparate pursuits: elaborating folk music’s four-chord strum with complex extensions and substitutions, winking at the theater of glam rock from dive bar stages around the country without causing the cynics to spray beer out of their nostrils, and inviting the droning, unbridled tendencies of modal jazz to gradually … Continue reading Song Premiere: Swarming Branch, “Laid Back and Practical”

Song Premiere: Brothertiger, “The Working Hour” (Tears For Fears cover)

In the mid 1980s new wave era, with feel good singles, such as “Love Shack” and “Footloose,” at the top of the charts, confessional songs of disheartening childhood experiences was the last thing one might expect from an aspiring young band. Yet it was the then newcomers Tears For Fears’ dark remembrances, supported by infectious melodies, that many rock critics … Continue reading Song Premiere: Brothertiger, “The Working Hour” (Tears For Fears cover)

Song Premiere: M Iafrate & The Priesthood, “Get Behind Me,” “Maneater” (Hall and Oates cover)

Photo by Jocelyn Carlson For over two decades, West Virginia songwriter Michael John Iafrate has honed his craft as a songwriter and performer alongside his work as a member of some of West Virginia’s most creative independent music acts such as The Minus Tide, COBRA, and Killed At Camp. More recently, Iafrate has carefully developed his unique voice among regional … Continue reading Song Premiere: M Iafrate & The Priesthood, “Get Behind Me,” “Maneater” (Hall and Oates cover)

Song Premiere: EL.i.BE, “Feelin’ Right”

EL.i.BE is a Twin-Cities based, nationally recognized MC, producer and  co-founder of Cherry Sky Studios. EL.i.BE’s sound is defined by the moods and textures that reflect the layers of his complex journey. His work is largely Inspired by being a first-generation immigrant living within the confines of two cultures. A lyrical warrior, EL.i.BE speaks of the urban American reality through … Continue reading Song Premiere: EL.i.BE, “Feelin’ Right”