Album Stream

Album Stream: Foxholes, Foxholes

Photo by Clark Wegner Foxholes, named for a track off Television’s second album, formed in late August of 2012 through a mixture of pre-existing friendships and well-timed Craigslist ads. The Des Moines, Iowa, five-piece, set to release their self-titled sophomore full-length on May 26, specializes in straight-forward lyrical honesty and a blend of garage-rock and post-punk that pulls in influences … Continue reading Album Stream: Foxholes, Foxholes

EP Stream: Model/Actriz, No

Known for their pulsing blend of danceable noise, visceral post-punk, and a live performance that mirrors the way the record unravels, Model/Actriz is an experiment in the primal aspects of human experience. Formed in Boston, the band draws on inspirations from a myriad of scenes, with lead singer Cole hailing from Delaware, and Jack and Ruben from sunny Southern California. … Continue reading EP Stream: Model/Actriz, No

Album Stream: Citris, Panic In Hampton Bays

(Photo by Alex Josephs) Angelina Torreano forms the core of Citris with guitarist and producer Chris Krasnow. The 24 year old New York natives met in the fertile music scene of Purchase, New York, which has produced such beloved artists as Regina Spektor, Dan Deacon, and Mitski. Together, the pair set Torreano’s searching lyrics to an onslaught of distorted guitars … Continue reading Album Stream: Citris, Panic In Hampton Bays

EP Stream: Drug Control, Stabbed

Formed in 2014, Drug Control’s biggest mission has been to put San Diego Straight Edge on the map. At a time when California’s hardcore scene seems to pale in comparison to its East Coast contingent, Drug Control have been slowly cultivating a scene with such bands as Fury, Discrepancy and Step 4 Change. Ultimately, this landed them on New Age … Continue reading EP Stream: Drug Control, Stabbed

Album Stream: Holophrase, Stay Being

Holophrase’s new album Stay Being is the product of an extended reinvention. In 2012, the Denver-based group released a promising experimental rock record with Horizons of Expectation. Recorded and produced by the late Ikey Owens at Sundayhouse Studios, Horizons was impossible to pigeonhole, drawing comparisons to early Magazine and Brian Eno. Soon after its release Holophrase lost one of its founding members and had to reconfigure and reimagine its sound … Continue reading Album Stream: Holophrase, Stay Being

Album Stream: Silent tongues/Eugenius, Creature of Habit, habits of creatures

Today, November 11, 2016, Cincinnati indie rock/soul project Silent tongues, and its frontman Phillip Smith’s hip hop alter-ego Eugenius, will release the split album creature of habit, habits of creatures. The 17-track album alternates between Eugenius and Silent tongues, and will be released in digital format only via both Silent tongues’ and Eugenius’ Bandcamp pages, and will be available through … Continue reading Album Stream: Silent tongues/Eugenius, Creature of Habit, habits of creatures

Album Stream: Ohio Knife, Scalp Or Be Scalped

Photo by Matt Dorman Ohio Knife is a punch you in the gut, unforgiving, rock n’ roll band hailing from the great midwestern city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Capitalizing on off-the-beaten-path tunings, Ohio Knife’s Jason Snell brings raspy, two-toned vocals and spooky, soulful, trashy guitars as Joe Suer drops an ass-load of low-end drums and Scotty Wood provides all the thumping … Continue reading Album Stream: Ohio Knife, Scalp Or Be Scalped

EP Stream: Move Home, Spare Nothing

Move Home are set to release the follow-up to their to their 2015 debut album, Spare Nothing EP, via Columbus-based indie label We Want Action on October 7, 2016.  The new EP, like its predecessor, And So It Begins, was produced by Micah Carli (formerly of Hawthorne Heights). The EP also ushers in a new era for Move Home with … Continue reading EP Stream: Move Home, Spare Nothing