Steve Hewitt

From The Horse’s Mouth: Steve Hewitt (Love Amongst Ruin) on Lose Your Way

When you’re bouncing back, you live for the next ricochet. Having poured all of his confusion and frustration over being removed unexpectedly from the drum stool of Placebo in 2007 into the eponymous 2010 debut album of his own project, Love Amongst Ruin, Steve Hewitt ended the promotional tour full of creative fire. He follows up with his sophomore release, … More »

Five Knives

From The Horse’s Mouth: Nathan Barlowe (Five Knives) on Savages

Making their veiled debut at a password-guarded basement party in early 2012, Five Knives is a Nashville band that redefines electro by merging beats with the ferocious energy of a live band. Best described as a blend of M.I.A. and Nine Inch Nails, front woman Anna Worstell, keyboardists/programmers Nathan Barlowe (who also plays guitar) and Zach Hall, and drummer Shane … More »


The Wrecking Ball ATL announces daily lineups

The weekend of August 8 and 9 in Atlanta marks the arrival of upstart music festival, THE WRECKING BALL ATL 2015. Its inaugural incarnation means the arrival in Atlanta of Descendents, Coheed and Cambria, The Get Up Kids, Thrice, Conor Oberst’s Desaparecidos, Failure, Glassjaw, and many more! The Wrecking Ball, which takes place over three days, including preshow festivities and late night parties, at legendary … More »

Abertooth Lincoln

You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar; An interview with Abertooth Lincoln

  By Tommy Johnson Over the last five years, the members of Abertooth Lincoln have continued to grow with one major priority; to strive to be a group that pushes their music to new levels. Their latest release, Osteoferocious, highlights the group’s evolution that puts emphasis on a furious mixture of punk, metal, prog rock and jazz. Distributing online in … More »

Left Lane Cruiser (photo by Joel Faurote)

Song Premiere: Left Lane Cruiser, “Whitebread n’ Beans”

After nearly a decade of delivering their own high-octane, scuzzed-up take on North Mississippi rural blues as a duo, Left Lane Cruiser have recently expanded into a threesome for their latest studio album, Dirty Spliff Blues (their fifth for Alive Naturalsound Records). Led by founding member Freddy J IV (aka Joe Evans) on vocals and slide guitar, and now joined by Joe Bent on bass and skateboard slide … More »

The Raging Nathans

Song Premiere: The Raging Nathans, “(This is not a) Love Song”

Dayton, Ohio’s The Raging Nathans play hyped-up, melodic punk rock that is bursting with rage and humor at its biting core. Referential of early Green Day, Screeching Weasel, Face to Face and contemporaries like Off With Their Heads, the band mange to emerge with their own unique take on the genre, while still paying homage to their predecessors. Recently, The … More »

The Receiver

From The Horse’s Mouth: Casey and Jesse Cooper (The Receiver) on All Burn

Midwest symphonic dream-prog duo, The Receiver, has revealed the initial details for its upcoming studio album, All Burn. All Burn – the group’s debut on progressive powerhouse, Kscope – will release on June 23 in North America.  Comprised of brothers Casey (vocals, synths/keyboards, bass) and Jesse Cooper (drums & vocals), the siblings call All Burn their “best material to date … More »

Song Premiere: Petrels, “We Are Falling Into The Heart Of The Sun”

Petrels returns May 22 with thunderous new album, Flailing Tomb, to be released via Denovali Records. Taking the exhilaratingly huge sonic expanse that Petrels has become known for and pushing it further still, Flailing Tomb draws on a breathtaking sonic palette of in?uences and instrumentation to craft perhaps the strongest Petrels release to date. Petrels is the solo project of … More »