Brian Lopez

From The Horse’s Mouth: Brian Lopez on Static Noise

  Brian Lopez returns from his eclectic debut record Ultra with a more focused sense of songwriting and a direct, potent rock ‘n’ roll sound. Lopez wrote Static Noise over more than two years, producing dozens of songs before choosing the best compositions, narrowing the album’s focus and capitalizing on his guitar and vocal talents. Lopez, whose voice recalls the … More »

The New Old-Fashioned

That’s Home For Me: An interview with David Payne of The New Old-Fashioned

The New Old-Fashioned is a rock and roll and alt-country band from Dayton, Ohio. Led by vocalist and songwriter David Payne, the voices and instruments of Kent Montgomery (guitar), Tom Blackbern (bass) and Matt Oliver (drums) are very present in the New Old-Fashioned’s signature sound: big, choral vocal harmonies atop a thick Americana backdrop. Upon first listen, TNOF’s primary influences … More »

The Burgeoning

From The Horse’s Mouth: Logan Thierjung (The Burgeoning) on Love Alchemy, Life Algorithm

The Burgeoning’s name represents their musical M.O.; they are a fresh take on what rock means in this generation’s musical landscape. The Bensalem, Pennsylvania-based band’s never-ending pursuit of adventure and self-discovery drives their signature brand of poppy yet inventive indie rock. The four-piece is made up of brothers Logan and Alex Thierjung on vocals and bass respectively, lead guitarist Mark … More »

Ugly Kids Club

The Song Is King; An interview with Steve Wilson and Aliegh Shields of Ugly Kids Club

Ugly Kids Club is made up of bright, yet haunting vocalist, Aliegh Shields, and Grammy-nominated rock producer, Steve Wilson. Experimenting with all the little sounds they love, from whimsical soundscapes to lush ’80s synths, the Nashville-based duo crafts electro-pop driven tunes for ultimate enjoyment. Think pop-grunge band formed by Madonna, Andy Warhol and M83. The pair formed in 2011 over … More »


From The Horse’s Mouth: Jonathan Berlin (Sunbears) on Future Sounds

Joyous, uplifting, almost (dare we say) spiritual. All words to describe Jacksonville, FL’s psych-pop outfit Sunbears… The band has amassed a devoted national following after years of touring, critically lauded releases, and of course, their sensory stimulating live shows. 2014 continues to be a banner year for the band; they hit the Spring festival circuit, celebrating a five-year anniversary with … More »


Making Connections; An interview with Luke Pate of Frameworks

(This feature originally ran in Ghettoblaster print, issue 38.  Issue 39 hits shelves very soon.) Long recognized as a punk and hardcore mecca, a legacy strengthened by a yearly punk pilgrimage to the area (The Fest), Gainesville, Florida isn’t an unlikely locale for a post hardcore quintet like Frameworks. Being born and bred of that environment, and with the reputation … More »

Slaying The Dragon; An interview with Tommy and Liz Hanley of Frogbelly and Symphony

By Tommy Johnson Frogbelly and Symphony performances are a marvel to witness. The unexpected moments that are incorporated in their live shows are what keeps the band fresh and exciting when seeing them live. During most of their shows, they will incorporate the audience. Guitarist of the band Ben Trott relived a moment during one impromptu show that involved having … More »

Rudely Interrupted

From The Horse’s Mouth: Rohan Brooks (Rudely Interrupted) on I Am Alive EP

Rudely Interrupted has overcome great odds to stand out amongst their peers in the Australian music scene. Despite featuring members with various special needs, this Australian quartet constantly tours around the world and crafts sing-along anthems that blend catchy melodies with indie rock riffs. Such passion is on full display with their latest studio effort, I Am Alive, which was … More »

Handsome Jack

From The Horse’s Mouth: Jamison Passuite (Handsome Jack) on Do What Comes Naturally

Some people call it a vibe and some people call it a groove.. It’s the sound of Handsome Jack’s album, Do What Comes Naturally, arrived via Alive Natural Sound Records and it is a boogie soul shack shaker. Produced by Zachary Gabbard of the Buffalo Killers and featuring Bob Nave (of the legendary Lemon Pipers) on hammond organ, among others, … More »

G. Green

Found The Sound: an interview with Andrew Henderson of G. Green

By Tommy Johnson Sacramento-based group G. Green’s front man Andrew Henderson started recording music on his own during his senior year while living in Utah. When he moved to Sacramento after high school, he began catching some of the local acts at night. During the day, Henderson wrote and recorded what he loosely described was “noisy, blown-out indie rock”. His music … More »