Sticky Fingers

From The Horse’s Mouth: Freddy Crabs (Sticky Fingers) on Land Of Pleasure

Australia’s Sticky Fingers is truly one of a kind, having crafted a unique melting pot of mind- altering genres that blends the most eccentric elements of pop with the defiant attitude of rock. The group is following its acclaimed debut, Caress Your Soul, with the sophomore album, Land Of Pleasure, which dropped in the U.S. on August 5 via Sureshaker. … More »

MR NASTI (photo by Ike Winkler)

From The Horse’s Mouth: Nicholas Sebastian Naioti (MR NASTI) on Truth Sound

Nicholas Sebastian Naioti is MR NASTI, a singer-songwriter exploring themes of life and death. MR NASTI took shape when the Nashville-based musician moved across the country to embark on a month-long artist-in-residence program in Fairfield, Iowa at local music venue The Beauty Shop, culminating in the creation of a rock musical production. After completing the residency, Naioti remained in Fairfield, … More »

Gareth Dickson (photo by Ryo Mitamur)

From The Horse’s Mouth: Gareth Dickson on Invisible String

Invisible String is a collection of live recordings made by Gareth Dickson – best known as Vashti Bunyan’s main live accompanist (featured on two songs on her upcoming Heartleap album) on his solo odyssey around Europe in 2012. From the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, to a rooftop in Paris overlooking the Sacre Couer, by way of a slightly … More »

The Jazz June (photo by Brett Barto)

From The Horse’s Mouth: Andrew Low (The Jazz June) on After The Earthquake

Revered indie rock outfit The Jazz June is set to drop their first new studio LP in over 12 years, After The Earthquake, on November 11 via Topshelf Records. The LP was recorded with producer Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It.) at Gradwell House this past spring, with Steve Poponi (Young Statues) engineering/mixing and Dave Downham (Dowsing, Into It. Over … More »


Video Premiere: Clustersun, “Hipgnosis”

We all agree that shoegaze is great, right? By all, I’m talking all around the world all too as is evidenced by Italy’s amazing new band, Clustersun. Relying on the genre’s classic touching points of impassioned but restrained vocals and washes of guitars, the Italian quintet skew their sound through self-dubbed “cold-wave atmospheres” (not a bad description boys). We’re happy … More »

Aaron Behrens

Bands On Bands: Aaron Behrens (Aaron Behrens and The Midnight Stroll) on Radiohead’s Kid A

With Ghostland Observatory on hiatus, Aaron Behrens has been preparing his solo musical adventure since 2013. Writing, recording and rehearsing with a crack team of Austin musicians, the sessions resulted in Behrens crafting material that blended elements of soulful rock and heartfelt blues into a refreshing sound. Joining Behrens in The Midnight Stroll is Jonas Wilson (previously from Lomita and … More »

Old Wounds

Bands On Bands: Brandon Gallagher (Old Wounds) on Every Time I Die’s Hot Damn

As purveyors of vitriolic, no-holds-barred post hardcore, New Jersey’s Old Wounds emerge as champions of the genre. Out September 16 on Good Fight Music, their latest EP,  was produced by Kevin Bernsten (Full of Hell, Mutilation Rites) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Integrity, Modern Life Is War). Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Old Wounds drummer Brandon Gallagher to discuss a powerful album that has long … More »


Song Premiere: Duderus, “Dungeon Raiders”

Here at Ghettoblaster we’re suckers for pop punk and role playing games. What are you going to do about it? Shove us in a locker? Screw you, nerds are fashionable and who cares if we weren’t. Passive aggressive precursor out of the way, we’re thrilled to premiere the new song from Dayton, Ohio-based Duderus! It’s got pop, it’s got punk, … More »

Mineral (photo by Courtney Chavanell)

I Just Want To Be Something More…; An interview with Chris Simpson of Mineral

What ended in 1998 actually began four years earlier, in Houston, Texas, when four friends formed a band. Mineral launched into touring immediately, often alongside other indie bands like Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring, Texas is the Reason, Knapsack, Braid, and The Get Up Kids, garnering them a legion of fans from the outset. Upon the release of their … More »

Cricketbows (Photo by Randy Jennings)

Cricketbows release mini-doc, preview of “Charcoal”

Dayton, Ohio’s Cricketbows recently completed their latest LP, Diamonds, which is scheduled for release this fall. The album was recorded in the spring of 2014 at The Diamonds in Cincinnati, Ohio, and produced by Grammy-winning producer Brian Olive (formerly of Soledad Brothers and The Greenhornes). It was mastered by Dave Davis. “Brian Olive was an amazing guy to work with,” … More »