Top Ten Of Twenty Fourteen: Gates

New Jersey’s post-rock newcomers Gates’ released Bloom & Breathe in October 2014. The album is a memorable and compelling record that covers expected bouts of relationship trauma, self-forgiveness and responsibility. They craft twinkling post-rock foundations that lead to big and emotionally strained, dynamic, melodic choruses. In short, it’s everything a good rock record should be. Ghettoblaster recently caught up with … More »

Blue and Gold

Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen: Blue and Gold

Picture a crowded party. It’s sweaty, rowdy, and most of all, it’s raucously loud. That’s the experience of a Blue and Gold show, and it’s the atmosphere they’ve captured on their debut album, In My Head. The band developed their chemistry on stage first, playing high-octane shows around New York City. Now with In My Head, Blue and Gold have created a … More »

DieAlps! (photo by Kimberly Yau.)

Video Premiere: DieAlps!, “Rules of Discipline”

In a small town in Austria, nine-year-old Cornelia picks up her first guitar, immersing herself into a classically trained world amid the home of the Viennese Waltz. Years later, under the guise of a working au pair, Cornelia (“Connie”) comes to America to fully realize her dreams of starting a band. Wielding waltzes and singing songs of hope and struggle, … More »

Tim Krug (photo by Lisa Thompson)

Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen: Tim Krug of Oh Condor, Swim Diver, Hexadiode

Tim Krug is perhaps one of the most focused, prolific, and frankly, busy, multi-instrumentalists in Dayton, Ohio. In addition to playing with rock quartet Oh Condor, he debuted his band Swim Diver (with members of Brainiac, Captain of Industry and Me and Mountains) late in 2013, and plays with the decidedly more experimental Hexadiode (formerly Dementia Precox). He was also … More »

Atlas Losing Grip

From The Horse’s Mouth: Gustav Burn (Atlas Losing Grip) on Currents

Swedish skate punks Atlas Losing Grip will release their long awaited new LP Currents in North America on January 16 via Creator Destructor Records.Sons of the southern north, Atlas Losing Grip have tempered Sweden’s melodic punk rock heritage with a burning love for the grandeur and power of heavy metal, paying harmony-enriched homage to idols Iron Maiden and Metallica. Musically … More »

Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen: Jihad Rabah of Twelve Gauge Records

Founded 10 years ago in San Francisco, Twelve Gauge Records (aka. TG Rex) has put out releases by Heavy Heavy Low Low, Power, No Sir, Nervous, and a slew of other forward-thinking hardcore bands. TG Rex kicks off 2015 with its 35th release, the new EP by Youth Funeral, which BrooklynVegan calls: “a complex, heavy slab of screamo in the … More »

Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen: Brian Shultz of Bridge 9 Records

Boston, Massachusett’s Bridge 9 Records has been delivering relevant hardcore and punk records for the masses for nearly two decades now. With dozens of active bands in their roster, you are sure to have some of their releases amongst your own collection. For that reason, Ghettoblaster caught up with the label’s distribution guy to find out about the favorite releases … More »

Andy Ingram

Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen: Andy Ingram of Poptek Records

Andy Ingram is a musical renaissance man. In addition to playing in several of Ohio’s finest indie bands,  XL427, Kris N., Jean-Michel, L’Albatros, Ruetschle, and Jill + Micah, he also regularly books local shows and runs the independent label Poptek Records. The labels mantra “a simple label with big pop songs” is one he takes to heart; he’s a simple … More »

Touche Amore

Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen: Clayton Stevens of Touche Amore

Touche Amore are a thought provoking, passionate hardcore/punk band from Los Angeles, California. From the first strikes of their angular yet melodic chords, it’s apparent that Touche Amore have awoken something long forgotten in the hardcore/punk genre. Bringing to mind the balance of rage and melody that “Revolution Summer” era DC bands Rites of Spring and Ignition once carried. Within … More »


Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen: AJ Annunziata and John Refano of Sannhet

Brooklyn, NY’s instrumental post-metal outfit Sannhet’s second full-length, Revisionist, is a dizzying concoction of math-metal intricacy, prismatic pop shimmer, and dense metallic crush, taking the metalgaze sound of like minded modern metal combos like Deafheaven or Alcest and adding more dynamic indie rockisms and churning noise rock crunch.  The nine-song album is set for release on March 3 via San … More »