The Forty Nineteens

Bands on Bands: Nick Zeigler (The Forty Nineteens) on The Clash’s London Calling

The Forty Nineteens’ newest LP Spin It ups the sonic ante by building upon harmonies explored on their 2012 debut No Expiration Date. The disc was accurately described as a modern take on the ’80s pop, garage rock, roots rock sound. It was listed in several best of 2012 lists, and was heard on commercial, college, and international radio in … More »

From The Horse’s Mouth: Aurelio Valle on Acme Power Transmission

Acme Power Transmission is the debut solo album from erstwhile Calla frontman Aurelio Valle. Self-produced, the album was recorded in Valle’s apartment under an elevated subway line in 2013 after five years of private, contemplative musical experimentation carried on while he worked day jobs in motorcycle repair and in a tailor shop respectively. Acme Power Transmission is being released by … More »

X-Ray Acres

Song Premiere: Me Time, “Slow Hurry/Laurie”

On Record Store Day, Dayton, Ohio based label Gas Daddy Go! released a cassette compilation featuring the likes of Motel Beds, Oh Condor, The 1984 Draft, Kris N., and more.  One of the standout efforts was from Me Time, a band consisting of of Andy Smith (writing/singing/shitty guitar playing), Kyle Melton (good guitar playing), Elliot Ward (drums) and Josh Wickersham … More »

Silent Lions

From The Horse’s Mouth: Matt Klein (Silent Lions) on The Compartments EP

Conceived in Toledo, Ohio with a home base in sister city Detroit, Silent Lions are  sinister twosome armed with heavy-soul. Dean Tartaglia (formerly of The Sights) simultaneously plays affected octave bass, sampled synths, and manipulated atmospheric vocals, all while drummer Matt Klein grooves and thrashes beside him, often providing soulful singalong melodies and harmonies. The duo’s live shows sound as thick and creamy as they do … More »

Song Premiere: Frances England, “Light Brings Color”

Throughout the songs on Paths We Have Worn, Frances England has us contemplate being there for each other, being available physically, emotionally, mentally, just being, existing for each other. She is in good hands with producer extraordinaire Dean Jones. Listeners will be impressed, although not surprised, with the quality of Frances England’s debut grownup album. Introspective, thoughtful, melancholy, hopeful, joyful. … More »

Circle Takes The Square

Sound Check Chat podcast features Buffalo Killers, Circle Takes The Square

The Sound Check Chat podcast with Andy Gabbard of Buffalo Killers and Drew Speziale of Circle Takes The Square via iTunes and Stitcher.  These episodes of the podcast are sponsored by Ghettoblaster Magazine, and Frame Jump Music Videos. Access the podcasts here: Buffalo Killers: Circle Takes The Square: On May 13, ever evolving Cincinnati rock ‘n’ roll … More »

The Estranged

From The Horse’s Mouth: Mark Herman and Keith Testerman (The Estranged) on The Estranged

The Estranged formed in Portland, Oregeon back in the summer of ’06 by Mark Herman (vocals, guitar), Derek Willman (bass) and Keith Testerman (drums). All three were in legendary Portland band Remains Of The Day, and various members are/were in notable Portland bands such as From Ashes Rise, Hellshock, Lebenden Toten, and more. Continuing in The Estranged’s tradition of mutating … More »

Alexz Johnson

From The Horse’s Mouth: Alexz Johnson on Heart EP

After a child-star career acting and singing Alexz Johnson (So Weird, Final Destination 3) was bound for success early on and the momentum continued into her early 20s –  signing major labels deals with Sony, then Epic. A few years older and a few major label-year’s wiser, the soulful/folky songstress is proudly independent. Last Fall she decided to take advantage of … More »

The Honey Trees

From The Horse’s Mouth: Becky Filip and Jacob Wick (The Honey Trees) on Bright Fire

Four years. That’s how long California dreamy pop duo The Honey Trees’ debut LP has been in the making. Such a careful, diligent, even leisurely pace is virtually unheard of in today’s music landscape, where the hype machine churns ever faster. But The Honey Trees weren’t looking for hype; they were looking for magic. And magic takes time. Building on the … More »