Ferrill Gibbs

From The Horse’s Mouth: Ferrill Gibbs on Significant Trees

For Significant Trees, Mobile, Alabama, singer-songwriter Ferrill Gibbs delivers a pleasant sounding album that at times conjures Coldplay and at others, Fleetwood Mac. Though self-released, the disc includes engineers, producers and players who’ve graced the music of artists such as of Montreal, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, the Allman Brothers Band and Government Mule, among others. Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Gibbs … More »

The Raging Nathans

Song Premiere: The Raging Nathans, “The Betrayal”

Dayton, Ohio’s The Raging Nathans play hyped-up, melodic punk rock that is bursting with rage and humor at its biting core. Referential of early Green Day, Screeching Weasel, Face to Face and contemporaries like Off With Their Heads, the band mange to emerge with their own unique take on the genre, while still paying homage to their predecessors. This October, … More »

Holy Tongues

Bands on Bands: Stephen Smeal (Holy Tongues) on The Get Up Kids’ Something To Write Home About

Melotov Records continues its 2014 roll with Weak People, the debut full-length by Holy Tongues, set for an August 5 release.  Holy Tongues is comprised of three members of the late Ruiner, the Baltimore band that made a name in the ’00s via two LPs on Bridge 9 Records, the latter produced by J. Robbins (Modern Life Is War, Coliseum), and … More »


From The Horse’s Mouth: Anthony Fusco (Divider) on All Barren

Nearly a decade after its formation, Divider delivers its first full-length album: All Barren. Glory Kid Ltd. will release All Barren on September 23 as a vinyl LP and digital download.  All Barren is Divider’s debut full-length yet the Long Island, New York band has been making records since 2006 – a Kurt Ballou-recorded debut EP and a split with Bone Dance, among others. Through many changes in personnel, the band has persisted … More »

The Picturebooks

Shred Then Shred: Fynn Claus Grabke (The Picturebooks)

It’s not surprising that The Picturebooks recorded their 2014 album, Imaginary Horse [RidingEasy Records], in the same garage where they regularly refurbish and repair motorcycles and choppers. The German duo—Fynn Claus Grabke [vocals, guitar] and Philipp Mirtschink [drums]—capture a raw, rich, and real energy befitting of the room’s natural reverb, industrial aura, and spiritual spark. Most importantly, the record also … More »

The Foxery

From The Horse’s Mouth: Travis Beck (The Foxery) on Unless

When asked to describe The Foxery, each band member contributed one word: Passionate. Intense. Cathartic. Heavy. Genuine. Fun. In a sense, there could be no better way to characterize both the music and the poetically thrashing spirit of the Louisville sextet. Coming on the heels of several independent releases, incessant D.I.Y. touring, and months and months of persistent writing, The … More »

Jonathan Richman

Infested: Review of Pickathon 2014

by Christopher Altenburg Just after the sun went down, The War On Drugs set up on an immaculately handcrafted dome-covered stage constructed of arching, intertwining branches and resembling some form of Endorian gazebo.  Down a trail lit by giant, hanging, circus-like, lanterns, penetrating the forested territory allocated for camping on the 80-acre Pendarvis Family farm, The Woods Stage rests in a clearing equipped with row after ascending row of hay … More »

Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) (photo by Derek McNelly)

Sound Check Chat podcast interviews Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)

The Sound Check Chat podcast with Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) was released this week. The podcast is sponsored by Earthquaker Devices ( and Latest Flame ( Access the podcast here: During Gaelic and Medieval times, professional poets and musicians were employed by patrons monarchs and members of high society to tell the stories of their activities and commemorate … More »

From The Horse’s Mouth: Karen Haglof on Western Holiday

Before embarking on her current career as a hematologist/oncologist affiliated with New York University Hospital, Karen Haglof paid years of dues on the rock scenes of her Minneapolis hometown and her beloved New York City. Throughout the ‘80s and early ‘90s, she was an active partici­pant in the fervid musical underground of downtown Manhattan. As a guitarist and vocalist, Karen … More »