Video Premiere: Duderus, “Creature from the Whack Lagoon”

Duderus is an Ohio-based punk rock band who leaves the tough topics at home. Focusing on energy, fun and catchiness, they play songs about all the good stuff… friends, time travel, bandits, and things from beyond! Mixing big rhythms with melodic guitars and throat bursting vocals, they deliver a sound that brings punk, rock and pop together in a brilliant … More »


Song Premiere: Highlander, “Sleep Walking Woman”

Atlanta’s Highlander returns with their second EP, Weird Future (out March 10 on Deer Bear Wolf Records). Drawing on a wide range of influences—from gooey ‘60s psychedelia to ‘80s New Wave and moody modern synth-pop—Weird Future is a change of direction from the driving pop sensibilities of 2013′s Good Numbers EP, finding the band in a darker, more mature space … More »

Brad Reiman

From The Horse’s Mouth: Brad Reiman on Walking in the Unknown EP

Whether he’s bungee jumping or exploring the Australian outback, Des Moines’s Brad Reiman exudes a restless sense of cultural adventurism. And he brings this feeling of shifting momentum to every note and sound that vibrates out from his guitar and piano and basically any other instrument that he can get his hands on. Drawing from his time backpacking through Europe … More »

Arms Race

Video Premiere: Arms Race, “Some Apologies” (live)

Dayton, Ohio’s Arms Race has been around since 2013, and are slowly in the midst of building a regional fanbase.  To date, they’ve played shows with Smug Brothers, The Story Changes, The Awful Nothings, Winter Makes Sailors (We Want Action label), City Mouse (It’s Alive Records), Ultrasphinx (ex-Party of Helicopters), and more. They recorded their demo/EP, Brought A Hug To … More »

Radio Berlin

Rekindling; An interview with Jack Duckworth of Radio Berlin

On February 2, 2015, the members of now defunct Canadian post-punk band Radio Berlin, re-issue their three incredible LPs, Sibling, The Selection Drone, and Glass digitally.  These long out-of-print, hard to find records, have never been officially available in digital format before now.  The news seems especially timely considering the band dissolved ten years ago. For those needing a history … More »


Video Premiere: Gloves “Hy-Top”

GhettoBlaster is amped to premiere the Gloves newest video “Hy-Top” off of their debut album Get It Together dropping next week on March 3rd! Believe us when we tell you, this album will be getting a lot of playtime at the GB complex!!! What can you expect? Look for some funky rhythms and soulful sounds with a garage ethos that … More »


Breathing Tornados; An interview with John Bradley of Dads

(Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Ghettoblaster Magazine, issue #39.) The lifesblood of an independent band is dependent on a variety of catalysts.  Perhaps the most prominent of those is whether members of the band possess (or not) an unwavering dedication to touring, and living a largely transient lifestyle.  Dads vocalist and drummer John Bradley was prepared for … More »


Song Premiere: Whenskiesaregray, “Renoir 1920″

Baltimore-based trio Whenskiesaregray are back with the follow up to their well received 2013 EP. What Can Not Be Reversed.  Produced by Pianos Become the Teeth guitarist Mike York, the band’s new self titled LP seamlessly moves from the screamo/melodic hardcore blend fans have come to expect, to working in elements of metal, grunge, and indie rock. Whenskiesaregray will be … More »

Smug Brothers (photo by Jay Woessner)

Video Premiere: Smug Brothers, “Meet A Changing World”

  ’90s era indie rock and power pop is deeply embedded in the DNA of Dayton, Ohio’s Smug Brothers and for good reason.  Principal songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Kyle Melton spent the ’00s fronting unsung indie heroes Montgomery Greene, and some might recognize drummer Don Thrasher from such luminaries as Guided By Voices and Swearing At Motorists.  Additionally, both gentlemen … More »

Sleep Machine

Video Premiere: Sleep Machine, “Wild For You”

Sleep Machine is a Los Angeles-based rock duo of powerhouse vocalist Alisha Zalkin and guitarist Dan Kalisher. Soul and swagger combines with screaming guitars and thunderous drums on the band’s debut EP, Cover Me In Gold, which will be released on March 3, 2015. With the exception of the drums, which were played by Kiel Feher, Kalisher played all instruments … More »