Cadaver Dogs Sue Radioshack For Use Of “Drop Zone” In Commercial

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According to Nightbeast/Astro Fang bassist Christian Roerig, who is currently touring with Ohio powerhouse rock at Cadaver Dogs, Cadaver Dogs are currently involved in a lawsuit against Radioshack.  Apparently, Radioshack recently used a piece of the band’s music in a commercial.

“It was an instrumental cut sent out specifically for licensing. Unfortunately, someone else was falsely credited for the music for a month before proper credit was acknowledged by Radioshack,” Cadaver Dogs reported. “The commercial had over 1.5 million views and was in constant rotation on such events as Monday Night Football during that time.”

The music in question was taken from Cadaver Dogs’ “Drop Zone,” which originally appeared on the band’s Thrill Ride EP.  Here is a link to the song:

Although the offending commercial has been pulled, presumably as a result of the lawsuit, it is still available here:

The Cadaver Dogs are currently in the midst of a massive U.S. tour.  Catch them and commiserate about times you’ve been screwed by “the man” at one of the following dates:

11/3- Nashville, TN- Springwater

11/4- Memphis, TN- Newby’s

11/5- Tulsa, OK- Mercury Lounge

11/6- Oklahoma City, OK- Blue Note (w/ Black Tusk)

11/7- Santa Fe, NM- The Underground

11/8- Tucson, AZ- Plush

11/9- Phoenix, AZ- Chopper John’s

11/13- Las Vegas, NV- Vamp’d

11/14- San Diego, CA- Til Two Club

11/16- Sacramento, CA- Cafe Colonial*

11/17- San Francisco, CA- Neck of the Woods*

11/18- Reno, NV- Shea’s*

11/19- Eugene, OR- Black Forest*

11/20- Portland, OR- Kelly’s Olympian*

11/21- Seattle, WA- 2Bit*

11/22- Caldwell, ID- The Venue

11/23- Salt Lake City, UT- Burt’s Tiki Lounge

11/24- Denver, CO- Lion’s Lair

11/25- Lincoln, NE- Bourbon Theatre

11/26- Burlington, IA- The Washington

*w/ A Happy Death

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